About Me

 About Me

About Me: 

Hi! I’m Natalie. Cooking and baking are a couple of my favorite pastimes. I also enjoy traveling (mostly for the food), active outdoorsy stuff (so I can eat the food), and exploring new places (places = restaurants).

I have been baking ever since I was little, and I would create “experiments” in the kitchen. My parents were kind enough to indulge me and pretend to enjoy whatever it was I created.

I am happy to say that after working as a baker in a pastry shop and taking Baking & Pastry courses at the Art Institute, my experiments have greatly improved.

As I currently live with only my husband, baby and cat, I don’t love making recipes that have a ton of leftovers. I have started to modify just about everything I make to serve 1-2 people.

About Me

My cat, Barty (short for Bartonella). She is… unique.

I figured I can’t be the only one to prefer recipes designed for smaller sizes & quantities, which is why I’ve decided to share what I’ve come up with. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask me any questions!

You can reach me at any time at [email protected]

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