The Cookie Project

As I mentioned in some of my posts, I got married in November, and made ice cream sandwiches to serve at the reception. I started this Cookie Project to help me choose what kind of cookies I was going to use for the sandwiches. I decided on 3 different kinds of cookies – a chocolate chip, a peanut butter, and a shortbread.

The purpose of this project was to figure out which recipes to use for each cookie.

I tried out a new recipe every couple of weeks, and rated them on a scale of 1-10 on the following criteria:

  • Taste when Frozen (I made them a few days in advance and froze them)
  • Texture when Frozen
  • Ice Cream Sandwichability (I know, I made up the word)

Below are the cookies I made & how they rated. Check out this post to find out which cookies won and see how it all turned out!

The Cookie Project

The Cookie Project


  1. I love this!! And I love cookies, hence the name of my blog 🙂 I vote for oatmeal cookies!! They make the best ice cream sandwiches (think an It’s It only better). I did one recently that stood up to being frozen quite well, but retained its chewiness. I agree, ice cream sandwhichability is EXTREMELY important! hahah.

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