15 Popular German Christmas Market Food & Drinks [+Recipes]

It’s that time of year again. A time when everyone celebrates Christmas. A time when we all gather together and plan our holiday shopping. A time when we all eat lots of food and drink lots of booze. You know what I mean. Christmas Markets. The German Christmas Markets that are sprouting up all over the place, from the major cities to the smallest village shops. These markets are usually open for a few days during the Christmas season. They are filled with food and drink vendors serving up traditional German cuisine. The food is usually accompanied by the classic German specialty drink known as Glühwein.

The Christmas season is one of the most festive times of the year, making it the perfect time to enjoy a delicious plate of traditional food and drink from your favorite German Christmas markets. If you are not familiar with some of these foods, then you might want to check out our post from last year. They make the perfect addition to your holiday festivities.

During the Christmas season, you can find a wide variety of different foods and drinks in the at the Christmas Markets. Many of these foods and drinks are traditional and are not only usually sold at this time of the year, but they are often also seasonal. To illustrate this, here is a list of some of the most popular food and drinksthat you can find at the Christmas Markets in Germany.

Food and Drinks from a Traditional German Christmas Market – With Recipes to Try!

Looking for a bite to eat at one of the German Christmas Market food stalls?

I’m curious to see how it goes this year, all things considered. You may always bring culinary ideas from the Christmas market to you!

15-Popular-German-Christmas-Market-Food-amp-Drinks-RecipesAll of these traditional German Christmas Market foods and drinks may be found in the recipes below!

Some of the most popular foods and beverages seen at traditional German Christmas markets are really very simple to make.

There are lots of sweet and savory dishes to make, from crispy potato pancakes to celebratory beverages like gluhwein (mulled wine).

1629407897_159_15-Popular-German-Christmas-Market-Food-amp-Drinks-RecipesAt a German Christmas Market, we had boot mugs of Eierpunsch and mulled wine!

We like German Christmas markets for a variety of reasons. Of course, Lisa was born and raised in Germany, but there’s more to it than that.

We’ve been fortunate to have seen many different German Christmas markets as a result of living together in Europe and traveling throughout much of Germany together.

Cologne’s many markets, as well as those in Aachen and Berlin, are all distinct. This implies that comparable sweets will be blended together with regional delights at each location!

1629407898_561_15-Popular-German-Christmas-Market-Food-amp-Drinks-RecipesFrom the German city of Aachen, we present our Christmas Market!

For many Germans, Christmas markets are an essential part of the pre-Christmas season. Even tiny communities often have a Christmas market for at least one weekend in December.

The larger Christmas markets, on the other hand, run considerably longer and draw both residents and tourists.

So, if you’re wanting to get into the Christmas spirit while also bringing a little bit of Europe to you, here’s our comprehensive list of German Christmas market foods and beverages.

We’ve developed recipes for the majority of the meals and beverages listed here, and we’ll continue to add more as we try them!

Glühwein is maybe the most traditional Christmas Market drink. This recipe for classic German Mulled Wine is pretty close to what you’d get at a real market.

This warm, alcoholic drink, made with a few basic ingredients like red wine, sugar, and spices like cinnamon, is usually a crowd pleaser! If you’re feeling really festive, you can even make a batch for yourself on the stove.

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If you’re not a big lover of red wine, mulled white wine may be a good alternative. This light and delicious Christmas cocktail has just the perfect amount of spice and heat.

Mulled white wine, unlike red wine, is made using white wine, allowing the citrus, cinnamon, and cloves to shine through on the nose… and in your stomach!

While mulled red wine is still the Christmas market favorite, mulled white wine is now available at a number of locations.

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If you’re looking for a more deep-fried German Christmas Market dish, go no further than German potato pancakes!

Potato pancakes, also known as Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer, are a crunchy and hearty delicacy that we always like. We love our recipe, and so do a lot of other people!

Potato pancakes are best served hot, with a variety of side sauces such as apple sauce, garlic sauce, or a creamy quark sauce!

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Lebkuchen, or gingerbread cookies in English, are a must-have at every Christmas market.

Various kinds of Lebkuchen may be found all throughout the nation, from Aachen Printen in Aachen to Elisenlebkuchen in Nuremberg, and they’re all worth tasting.

This is a recipe for Elisenlebkuchen, a soft, chewy, nutty, lemony cookie with a sweet icing or chocolate top glaze! They’re just like the ones Lisa grew up with in Germany!

Oh, and don’t forget: they’re prepared using a simple gingerbread spice mix you can make at yourself!

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Look no farther than potato soup for a warm and hearty Christmas Market soup!

Our delectable German potato soup recipe is jam-packed with wonderful ingredients, including potatoes, sausage, celery root, and more!

The broth is thin yet creamy, making it ideal for a chilly winter day leading up to the holidays. Just make sure it’s hot when you serve it!

A creamy form of potato soup served in a tiny loaf of bread as the bowl is often seen at Christmas markets. You may even attempt to replicate it at home if you’re feeling fancy!

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Then German Candied Almonds, also known as Gebrannte Mandeln in German, are for you! This simple delicacy is all about the sweetness and cinnamon, and it’s very simple to prepare!

Make a batch and give them as presents or snack on them before the holidays. It’s a simple treat that nearly everyone enjoys! Plus, they smell like a German Christmas Market in your kitchen!

Candied almonds are a traditional Christmas market staple, and Lisa can’t recall ever going to a market without purchasing at least a tiny box of them.

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Sticking with the sweet theme, German Rum Balls, also known as Rumkugeln, may be found in plenty during Christmas Markets!

These small treats are created with delicious chocolate and your favorite rum. The greatest thing is that you can customize them anyway you like, whether with sprinkles or simply a little coating of cocoa powder.

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Another festive beverage to wash it all down? Why not give German Egg Punch a try?

This rich and creamy hot drink, known in German as Eierpunsch, is prepared using egg yolks and sugar, as well as wine, vanilla, and other spices.

It’s a wonderful alcoholic drink that’s also very smooth and tasty, especially when topped off with whipped cream.

Eierpunsch is typically available at the same stalls as mulled wine at Christmas markets. It’s often topped with a generous scoop of whipped cream!

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Marzipan is quite popular in Germany, and you can certainly find it at Christmas Markets!

Marzipan is a simple and delicious delicacy that may be eaten on its own or molded into another sweet delight (see below).

Our marzipan recipe, made with only a few ingredients like ground almonds and sugar, tastes much better than the marzipan you may get on store-bought cakes!

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Have you tried a German Marzipan Potato, since we’re on the subject of marzipan? These little sweets are known as Marzipankartoffeln and are created from fresh marzipan sprinkled with chocolate powder.

The end product is a little dessert that resembles a charming little potato! They’re sometimes offered in little treat bags at Christmas markets to give away to relatives and friends.

However, with this recipe, you can create your own marzipan potatoes at home. It’s entirely up to you whether you create tiny or big potatoes.

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Kinderpunsch (German for “kid’s punch”) is a non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine. It’s a popular choice for children and designated drivers for your Christmas gathering.

This drink isn’t overly sweet and is usually a success, made with delicious tea, apple juice, and aromatic spices. It’s a drink you should try if you’re not a lover of alcoholic drinks since it’s just as delicious and hot as mulled wine!

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Mushrooms fried

We’re not sure why, but fried mushrooms are popular in Christmas markets in Germany. You may even come across mushrooms that have been breaded and deep-fried.

If you like mushrooms, you should definitely try these! We don’t have a fried mushroom recipe on our site yet, but we’ll attempt to come up with one soon!


There is unlikely to be a Christmas market in Germany that does not include at least one kind of sausage.

Of course, bratwurst is a staple, but German shops now have knackwurst and currywurst as supper alternatives.

If you’re a meat eater, you’ll have plenty of choices!


Sauerkraut is arguably one of the most well-known German dishes, and it’s also available in German Christmas markets.

It’s often served as a side dish with sausages or as a meal with Schupfnudeln or potatoes, and it makes a great foundation for mulled wine.

Apples that have been candied

Candied – or chocolate-covered – apples and other fruits are a traditional Christmas dessert dish in Germany.

They’re popular with youngsters because of their bright colors and originality, but adults like them as well.

Getting a candied apple at the Christmas market when Lisa was a child seemed like such a pleasure since it was something she didn’t get to eat very often.

Germany is known for its Christmas markets, and the idea of a yuletide market has become an integral part of the Christmas season. Here in Germany, the Christmas markets are more than just an attraction for visitors. They are a tradition, day-long festivals, organized by people who want to share their favorite food and drinks with others.. Read more about german market at home and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food is at a German Christmas market?

A German Christmas market is a place where people go to buy food.

What can you get at a German Christmas market?

A Christmas market is a place where people go to buy and sell Christmas goods. The word market in this case refers to the act of buying and selling, not the location.

What is the most popular Christmas market in Germany?

The most popular Christmas market in Germany is the Christkindlesmarkt.

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