How To Veganize Your Meals

Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is easier than you think! Fortunately, it doesn’t take time or money to add more vegan meals to your already plant-based diet.

Get to Know Your Ingredients

The first step toward making your meals more plant-based is to get to know your ingredients. This is because plants are made up of many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Knowing what is in the plant foods you eat can help you make better food choices.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can find a list of common ingredients and their nutrients in our article on the basics of a vegan diet. Once you’ve identified your ingredients, the next step is to research how they are produced.

Eat More at Home

Eating at home is the best way to ensure getting the most plant-based meals possible. When you make your food, you can ensure that it is free of animal products, dairy, and eggs.

You can also control portion size, which can be challenging if you’re eating out frequently. When you eat out, you have very little control over the ingredients used to prepare your meal.

Swap Out Processed Foods

Many processed foods contain milk, butter, milk powder, whey, or other dairy ingredients. It’s also worth noting that many heavily processed foods are high in sodium, sugar, and fat.

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As a result, you should try to limit your consumption of processed foods. Instead, opt for freshly made meals and snacks as much as possible.

Make Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Meals

If you love pizza, burgers, or tacos, there are many ways to make vegan versions of these foods at home. You can opt for a whole-wheat crust, order a vegan cheese pizza, or make your vegan burger at home with dairy-free cheese, for example. You can also make your taco shells at home or use baked tortilla chips.

Think About Texture and Flavor

While filling your plate with plant-based foods is important, it’s also key to consider texture and flavor when choosing your meals. Fruits and vegetables are naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add a lot of sugar or salt to make them taste good.

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Read Recipes Through a Vegan Lens

When you’re reading recipes, don’t just read for flavor; think about the flavor profile of your favorite dishes. For example, you may love hearty soups, but you may find that making a vegan version isn’t as simple as just swapping out the meat for beans. You’ll need to seriously consider the other ingredients in the soup to make it taste like the real thing.

Buy Or Make Vegan Meals

If you don’t have time to cook meals from scratch, the best thing is to buy the ingredients for your favorite dishes and make them at home. This will allow you to skip the processed food aisle in the grocery store and cut down on your plastic bag use.

The bottom line is that veganize your meals are easier than you think. You need to be prepared, have some ideas of which ingredients you want to use, and a little time.