3 Finest Slingo Games


The Slingo game format has maintained a strong reputation in the i-gaming space ever since it was founded back in 1994. The simple crossover of traditional bingo gameplay with the addition of spinning reels and certain bonus features taken from popular UK slot games results in unique gameplay. Slingo Originals has since released various slingo slots for the growing market of online players!

One reason the Slingo game format has remained a popular addition to online and physical casino portals is its ability to work well in existing game styles. This means that Slingo Originals can bring out Slingo titles crossed with many of the most popular games on the market. Choosing between this huge variety of Slingo games can be quite overwhelming. However, here are 3 of the top Slingo games currently out there!

Slingo Gameplay

The essence of Slingo’s play is fairly simple to understand, which is one of the reasons that it has become so popular amongst players. It involves spinning a set of reels to land numbers or symbols that mark other numbers from the play grid on screen; crossing lines of 5 numbers in any direction is called making a Slingo.

In many games, these Slingos are how players could advance the prize ladder on screen, with the segments of these typically containing bonus features or prize values. There are many different play features available through the variety of games that Slingo Originals have released. Therefore, it is important to read about each of these before deciding on a title.

Slingo Classic

Fans of the Slingo format in its most original form could find some familiar elements in this 20th-anniversary release of the first Slingo slot game. Slingo Originals released this Slingo Classic title that takes gameplay back to its bare bones before bonus features and jackpot prizes were included!


The standard 5×5 play grid of Slingo Classic is positioned inside a neutral display here between the prize display and bet options to the left and spin count to the right. In keeping with the retro theme of Slingo Classic, the backdrop features a plain blue display patterned by the occasional pink star shape. The game title is displayed in bright golden font to the top-left of the play grid, next to the player’s balance, and throughout each game.

The Gameplay of Slingo Classic provides the player with 11 spins of the 5-reel display in which they can hope to land numbers that match those on the grid. Along with numbers, players can land jokers, super jokers, devil blockers, free spin tokens, and Slingo coin symbols in play. The joker symbols could allow players to cross any number in a reel or from the entire grid, and the free spins token could award an extra spin, the Slingo coins could trigger a prize value, and the blocker symbols take up space on the reels!

Slingo Fire & Ice

Released by Slingo Originals in 2022, this title features two opposing themes behind the standard number-based play Slingo is known for. A big difference in Slingo Fire & Ice is the use of two separate 5×5 play grids on screen, one for each of the themes in the play.

The 25-space grid to the left of the screen is backed by a dark stone cave illuminated by roaring flames that fill the bottom of this screen. The playground to the right is displayed over a bright blue and white ice cave through which cold gusts of wind blow as numbers are crossed from play. Both settings in Slingo Fire & Ice feature their jackpot prizes displayed above the play grids and prize ladders to the side of the screen!

A single reel of 5 rows is displayed between the numbers grid in Slingo Fire & Ice that displays numbers during play, which could cross off others from the grids. These numbers can land in a fire, ice, or Fire & Ice frame that determines which playgrid they count for; there are also wilds, free spins, jackpot gems, and blocker symbols in this title! Potentially creating Slingos in play could see values on either prize ladder light up; the fire grid features a multiplier prize ladder, while the ice grid shows prize values.

Rainbow Riches Slingo

Using the iconic Rainbow Riches slot game and its brilliant Irish-inspired theme, this Slingo title shows how the play format can work with various pre-existing games. This title includes all of the visual features that slot gamers may recognize from the Rainbow Riches game alongside the popular Slingo setup.

The 25-number play grid of Rainbow Riches Slingo is positioned at the center screen inside a frame made from thin, overlapping golden bands. To the left of the play grid is the prize table that players could climb by creating lines of 5 symbols or Slingos across the grid. To the right of the numbers in Rainbow Riches Slingo, the number of remaining spins is displayed by balls held inside a glass sphere beneath the game title on screen!

Players capable of creating 5 or more Slingos in play could trigger one of the bonus games that Slingo Originals has included in space here. These features include a ‘Pick & Win’ wishing well-based feature or a ‘Cash Drop’ round filled with coins valued between 0.5x and 10x the stake. The ‘Magic Toadstool’ round and ‘Magic Red Toadstool Bonus’ could allow players to pick some bright fungus to reveal multiplier values.


The ‘Road to Riches’ and ‘Red Road to Riches’ bonus games present a wheel to be spun that sends the leprechaun down a winding road filled with multipliers valued between 8x and 1,000x the stake. Finally, the ‘Pots of Gold’ round could be triggered by forming a full house in play. In this, several pots valued between 50x and 1,000x the bet stake are presented, and the pool that lands above the spinning arrow could be claimed.

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