4 Tips to Choose Wedding Jewelry You Can Wear Again


A wedding is more than a celebration. For most couples, the event itself entails a hefty financial commitment. Whether you plan an intimate gathering or want to splurge on a grand gala, the expense can be considerable. According to a recent survey, the average wedding in 2022 cost $30,000. That’s the most spent on weddings since 2018 ($33,931), before the pandemic.

The venue, food, and suppliers seem to be the biggest budget burners, with the average cost of the venue touching $11,200 in 2022. However, most couples spend big on their outfits and jewelry. The average cost of the engagement ring is $5,800, just after the venue expense. Other items, such as wedding bands and bridal sets, can easily topple your budget.

You may not want to cut corners while buying your wedding jewelry because it is special. However, a sustainable approach makes sense. Think of pieces you can wear again rather than lock up in a safe. That’s the best way to make the most of your precious investment.

We will share a few practical tips to select jewelry you can easily wear on other occasions time and again.

Consider Wedding Sets With Classic Designs

Fast fashion may be great for your everyday collection, but you should avoid trendy stuff when it comes to jewelry. Classic designs retain their elegance and timely appeal forever and look good on all occasions. Consider only classic designs when you look for your wedding set (engagement ring and wedding ring).

Brides often feel spoiled for choice on a jewelry shopping spree, but it may not be a great thing. Too many options may overwhelm you in the first place. Moreover, you may fall for a trend that isn’t likely to stay for the long haul. This difference guide can help you compare bridal sets and choose a perfect one.

Leibish recommends wedding sets with matching bands for the bride and the groom. Wearing them creates a unique connection between the couple. Also, check factors like the price and size of rings before buying them. Follow the “classic-elegance rule” for every piece you pick for your bridal collection.

Prioritize Quality

Another tip to purchase wedding jewelry you can repeat for years is to prioritize quality. High-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship promise value for money. Do not hesitate to shell out a little extra to buy quality items. They will likely retain their luster for a lifetime and are durable and resistant to tarnishing.

When it comes to quality, you should have a budget in mind. For example, the price of gold was $1,870 an ounce as of February 2023. A 1.00 to 1.49-carat diamond cost $5,082. The bigger ones are even more expensive. Crunch your numbers before going on a shopping spree. You can opt for a lighter band with a smaller diamond on a tight budget. Size hardly matters if you want to buy jewelry you can own and flaunt for years ahead.


Opt for Versatile Pieces

Versatility should be on your checklist while purchasing your wedding jewelry. Look for pieces that may complement different outfits for various occasions. For example, a delicate diamond pendant and a pair of hoop earrings will look as good with your office attire as your wedding gown. Diamonds and gold abound in versatility because they pair well with all outfits.

Conversely, colored gemstones look vibrant, but they make jewelry pieces less versatile. If you love colors, opt for subdued hues like muted yellow and pink instead of deep red, blue, or green. You may add these to your collection later, but wedding jewelry should be more sustainable, adaptable, and wearable.


Personalize with Meaningful Symbols

Wedding jewelry will always be closer to your heart than any other piece in your collection. You can make it even more special by picking personalized pieces with meaningful symbols. Get your wedding bands engraved with each other’s initials or birth dates. Buy an engagement ring with a symbol representing your love story. The options are endless when it comes to personalization.

The great thing about personalized pieces is that you want to wear them again and again, no matter how many more items you add to your collection. You can buy from a jeweler specializing in custom jewelry to design your own meaningful bridal set to commemorate the most special occasion of your life.

Choosing wedding jewelry you can wear again is about listening to your heart. Follow your instincts to find pieces with meaning and symbolism. You can get them handcrafted by a custom jewelry expert. Most importantly, avoid chasing trends and stick with timeless designs that replicate your everyday style.

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