5 Affordable Activities to Consider on Your Next Family Vacation


Everybody wants to take a fun vacation nowadays, but rising costs have made this increasingly challenging for the average person. Regardless of where you are from, these costs are being influenced by a variety of factors, particularly the resurgence of travel following the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why learning about the best affordable vacation is so important.

The Consequences of Rising Vacation Costs

While it may not seem like the cost of travel has truly risen in recent years, it has been a stark contrast to former prices. To put it into perspective further, the average vacation cost for a single person alone has now surpassed $1,900 for just a week-long trip. This means that a family of four could expect to pay close to $8,000 for a similar trip, which is an extremely large amount of money for any family. This increase in prices has been directly driven by increased costs associated with parking, transportation, food, and accommodation costs. As more and more people have started to travel again following the Covid-19 pandemic, the increased demand has pushed prices further up. Amidst this surge in expenses, it’s essential to take cost-saving measures. For example, opt for wallet-friendly lodging options over high-end hotels, seek out local eateries or markets for affordable meals, and use public transportation instead of rental cars to reduce overall expenses.

5 Unique and Budget-Friendly Activities for Your Vacation

As mentioned, one of the best ways to save money on your upcoming vacation is to find the most affordable, yet still fun, activities that your family can take part in. Each of the following five activities will not cost a large amount of money, if at all, which means families of all budget levels can take part:

A Culinary Tour in Your Favorite City

One of the best ways to experience new food in the city you are traveling to is to take a culinary tour in the area that exposes you to new restaurants. For those unfamiliar, a culinary tour involves a person gathering with a group and visiting a large number of popular restaurants and food spots in an area that locals love. For all the foodies out there, a culinary tour is a must-do activity that can show you foods you never considered trying in the past.

Take a Walking Sightseeing Tour of Famous Landmarks

Transportation costs are among the most expensive aspect of travel in the modern day, which is why walking everywhere on your vacation can save a large amount of money. For those who are traveling to a city or another walkable destination, consider simply taking a tour by yourself around the famous landmarks in the area so that you don’t need to pay for either transportation or a guide.


Prepackaged Travel Bundles

While it may not seem like a way to save money on the surface, a prepackaged travel bundle can reduce extra expenses that would have otherwise shown up. These bundles often include all activity costs, as well as occasionally food and accommodation. This can make budgeting extremely easy as you know exactly how much you are spending on your trip and can budget accordingly.

Touring Museums Around the World

Most museums are either completely free or have relatively small entrance fees. These make them great activity options for families, individuals, and any tourist who is visiting a location. Many cities often have an extremely large number of museums which means a family could theoretically visit a different one every single day and never get bored.

Hiking, Lounging, or Traversing the Great Outdoors

Finally, hitting the great outdoors is a fantastic option for those who are considering a vacation to the countryside or national park. Consider hiking around to see the sites from new areas or simply go on a camping trip while making your own food in order to save money. For those near a beach, consider taking a small trip out to the water and simply relax for the entire day so that you can refresh yourself away from work.


Save Money on Your Trip

Despite the fact that the average cost of a vacation for a single person, let alone a family, has risen to never before seen levels, it is possible to save money while on vacation. The best way to go about this is to start budgeting months, if not years, in advance for potential trips while also identifying affordable activities in that area in which your entire family wants to take part. Regardless of where your next vacation destination may be, speak with a travel specialist or simply your friends and family to learn the best activities to take part in.

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