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Mango is one of most popular fruits in the world. It is a staple ingredient in mango recipes, mango juice and even mango ice cream. However, this juicy fruit is now receiving a lot of attention because of its health benefits. The mango is packed with vitamins and minerals that can keep you healthy, such as vitamins A, C, E and K, and fiber. Mangoes are an excellent source of beta carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects body tissues from harmful free radicals.

Mango is one of those fruits that tends to get lost among the many varieties of tropical fruit, but the fruit can hold its own. One of the easiest ways to make it a little more interesting is to add it to a smoothie or use it as a garnish on top of some other treats. Even better, when we’re just talking about mango, there are many ways to use it – whether you’re making a smoothie, a salad, or even a salsa. By the end of this post, you’ll start to see that you can work over mangoes like a pro.

The mango is considered to be one of the healthiest fruits. It is high in potassium, which is great for the heart health. It is also high in vitamin C, which is good for the immune system. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, which is good for digestion.. Read more about things to make with mangoes and let us know what you think.

Mango season is here, and although it’s a popular fruit in Thai and Mexican cuisines, what other ways can you utilize mango?

Here are 7 unique ways to utilize mango in sweet and savory dishes, as well as a tasty margarita!

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Breakfast with Mango

Chia Seed Pudding- For a wonderful tropical combination, top this Coconut Chia Seed Pudding with fresh chopped mango and pineapple.

If you’ve never made chia seed pudding before, it takes a few hours in the fridge to set, so it’s a wonderful breakfast or snack to prepare ahead of time.

Close up view of small mason jar with chia pudding.

Mango Green Smoothie- I enjoy adding mango in smoothies because it adds a hint of sweetness and creaminess. When I’m wanting something cool and refreshing during the hot summer months in Arizona, I turn to this smoothie recipe.

Two glasses on a marble cheese board.

Recipes for Mango Salad

White Kitchen Red Wine’s Summer Mango Avocado Salad is a light and refreshing salad. Sara does a fantastic job of letting the mango and avocado show through with a simple homemade dressing.

Overhead view of salad with mango chunks and avocado rose.

De Socio in the Kitchen’s Mango Watermelon Steak Dish is a substantial and beautiful salad. Krista also tops a substantial salad of sliced flank steak with fresh mango and melons with a simple homemade dressing.

Overhead view of steak and mango salad on a white plate.

Hungrily Homemade’s Mango Tahini Salad Dressing is delicious and creamy. Rania’s creamy dressing with mango and tahini is both sweet and salty, and I adore it.

Large white bowl with salad and sliced mango on the side and a small bowl of dressing.

Cocktail with Mango

Mango Margarita- A festive drink is a must-have for every celebration! These mango margaritas are stunning in appearance. Dina and Bruce are masters of the cocktail shaker!

2 glasses with mango margaritas garnished with mint and mango slices.

Recipe for Mango Dessert

Sticky Rice with Mango is a classic Thai dessert that you must try if you haven’t before. I demonstrate how to make Thai sticky rice at home. The fresh sticky rice is then combined with a sweet coconut cream before being topped with fresh mango.

When the sicky rice is warm and the mango is chilly, this is one of my favorite dishes. What a delectable taste combination!

Spoon with coconut milk pouring over mango pieces.

I hope you like these wonderful mango recipes, and if you make any of them, please tag me on social media!

Super mango recipes are certainly a rarity, but when you find them you should take advantage of them. I have a few friends who have tried out my mango recipes and they were all very pleased with the results. That’s why I thought I’d share a few of my super mango recipes with you. Whether you’re interested in trying out a mango smoothie, a mango dosa recipe, or even my very own mango kulfi recipe, you’ll be sure to find a recipe that you like.. Read more about mango recipes summer and let us know what you think.

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