8 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Close Friend


Giving gifts to your friends shows that you care about them. It takes a lot of thought to find the perfect gift for someone. So, why is choosing the gift that you know will make someone’s day so difficult?

Many Factors Come Into Play When Choosing a Gift For Your Closest Friend, Including:

How Much Money Will You Spend?

Determining the cost of the gift is the first stressful factor to consider. Perhaps you found the perfect gift, but it is expensive. It may be within your budget, but not your friend’s. Now you have to think about how they will feel when it is time to reciprocate, and they cannot spend the same amount. That can put quite a strain on a relationship and cause your friend undue stress. They may feel guilty about accepting an extravagant present or ashamed that they cannot live up to the same gift-giving standard.

Is Spending More Worth It?

Just because a gift costs a lot does not mean it is worth it. Spending more does not always mean thoughtfulness, especially if it is not something that the recipient needs or wants. Splurging on some extravagant does not guarantee that the gift will be appreciated.

Is the Gift Something That the Recipient Will Enjoy?

Perhaps your idea of the perfect gift is a day at the spa, but your friend hates to get massages. Thinking that buying something that you enjoy will make someone else happy is the wrong way to go about gift-giving. Tickets to a sports event might be fun for you, but not for your friend.

Do You Focus on Finding Something Unique?

It is easy to ignore the obvious perfect gift when trying to find something unique. Have you been paying attention to your friend to see if they mention anything they might like? Uniqueness does not always translate to wanted or useful. If your friend keeps saying how much they wish they could make great coffee at home rather than going to the coffee shop on the corner, maybe a new coffee maker might be the perfect gift instead of the coffee shop gift card. If you want to get them something truly unique, consider getting a custom present made for them. One example of this could be a pair of socks from the Custom Sock Club which features their pets or maybe something humorous like their own face.

What If Your Friend Does Not Like the Gift?

That is one of the most stressful parts of gift-giving. Nothing is like seeing a less-than-enthusiastic response to something you spent hours picking out or making. If you find that the gift you gave is not appreciated, ask.


Let the person know you are ok with exchanging it for something they want more. Be sincere and ask what they would rather have. Let them know your feelings are not hurt.

Gift Ideas for Your Friend

The list of possible gift ideas for a friend is seemingly endless. Where do you begin? We have compiled some of the top options people enjoy receiving.

Personal Care Products

If your friend has mentioned they hate shaving, an electric or battery-powered razor might be a good item. Other options include a set of nail polishes for someone who loves to do their nails, new makeup palettes, or other personal care items they might not splurge on themselves.

Useful and Cool Devices for Home

Does your friend comment about your electronic devices at home, coffee maker, hot pot, air fryer, or another item? If so, that might be something they would want. Pay attention to the comments they make.

Gifts Connected to Friendship and Memories

Has your friend recently celebrated a milestone or special event that you can commemorate in some way, such as with a framed certificate or photo? Are there special events or memories that can be put in a scrapbook? Personalizing the gift in this way shows a great deal of thoughtfulness.

Some Medications and Medical Devices

If the individual is older or has medical problems, they may be unable to afford medications, supplies, or medical devices. We all know how much medications sometimes cost. And it is excellent to help your friend forget about this for some time. Insulin injections, glucometers, HGH pens, and much more are costly and sometimes unaffordable. Find out the best places to get HGH pens for sale..

Money for Some Goals

Many people save up for something special. Contributing to that goal can help them attain it sooner. Another option is donating in their name to an organization they support if it is a person who truly needs nothing. Naming a star after them is also unique in this situation.

Experiences and Activities

Massages, restaurant certificates, wine tastings, sporting event tickets, concerts, movie tickets, theater shows, cooking classes, and other activities you can do together, or they can do on their own or with a loved one can be a wonderful gift.

Home Services

Does your friend hate cleaning, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, grocery shopping, or cooking? If so, they might like a certificate for one of these services. Perhaps a meal service for someone who likes to cook but hates shopping would be great. Of course, feel them out by mentioning you were considering it for yourself to see if they are for or against that service.

Handmade Gifts

Whether crafty or delicious, making something you know they will enjoy has special meaning. Some people make jars filled with all the ingredients needed to make a comforting pot of soup or a tray of brownies or cookies. These are fun and thoughtful gifts. However, do not give a gift of food to someone who you know has food allergies or is on a diet. That can backfire.

Listen to Your Friend’s Preferences

Asking your friend if there is anything special they would like for their birthday or holiday gift may seem like you do not care enough to figure it out on your own, but when you tell them you want to make sure that they get that one thing they want, they will appreciate it. Ultimately, people tend to appreciate something they want more than something they do not want or need.


Is your friend the type of person to drop hints? If so, pay attention. Use those hints to help narrow the selection process.

What If Your Friend Never Talks About Anything They Want?

In that case, plan an outing to a local department store and browse the aisles together. If you see your friend pick up and look at something, ask a question about it. That might be the best way to discover what they like and want.

Does your friend have a favorite food, beverage, TV show, or music band? If so, you can base your gift on that. If the person the gift is for is your best friend, you should know a bit about them and their interests. If it is a casual friend, it may require more digging, such as getting to know them better over lunch or drinks. Asking open-ended questions can help you learn more about them.

One great question to ask people is about the worst gift they ever received. You can always say you read an article or post about that subject or heard someone mention it on the radio, and it got you thinking. Tell them yours and see what they say. Now you know what NOT to buy.

Other Tips for Coming Up With the Right Gift Include

  • Checking their likes and dislikes on social media to see what they might post about.
  • Notice if they have any hobbies, as an item that might be useful.
  • Identify what might make their life easier, especially if there is something they have complained about.
  • Keep track of gifts they’ve given you, especially if it seems like something they would enjoy.


It is easy to overthink gift-giving. If you spend a little time considering what your friend might like, you will pick the perfect gift. Unless it is something strange or inappropriate, your friend will probably appreciate the gesture.

Some people genuinely want the gift of time – your time. If so, find ways to spend more time with them – perhaps with tickets to a show or reservations at their favorite restaurant for a special lunch.

Ultimately, it is the thought that counts, so show that you put a little thought into the gift. Thoughtfulness is always appreciated.

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