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“We are a healthy eating blog for parents with experience in raising their children on a ketogenic diet. We post about everything from recipes, to meal planning, and meal prep!”

It was November when I made the decision to go keto. It wasn’t a planned, it was an impulsive decision. I was at a restaurant, ordering my usual meal, when I saw a sign that said keto-friendly. I had been on a diet for about a year and a half, and had never seen a keto-friendly restaurant. So I followed the sign and ordered a pizza.

A while back, my wife and I decided to make the jump to the ketogenic diet. We were new to the idea, as both of us had experienced a high carb diet in the past, but felt it was time to roll the dice and try something different.. Read more about keto journey week by week and let us know what you think.

Carol has had enough of dealing with her weight for years. A friend informed her about the keto diet just when she needed it, and she decided to give it a try. She informed her relatives, who quickly joined in. His account is as follows:

It’s fantastic. It’s the secret to my family’s prosperity, in my opinion. The beauty of it is that it allows participants to learn all they want to know about the keto diet before deciding how to follow it in the most convenient and efficient manner for them. It was ideal for our needs. I wanted to tell you about our achievements.

Allow me to introduce you to my relatives. We now reside in the state of Virginia in the United States. Dean is 55, Carol is 57, Nick is 24, Cassandra is 23, Wesley is 17, Alec is 27, Blake is 30, Zach is 21, and Victoria is 26.

I’ve included a chart to illustrate how much weight each individual has lost:

(To begin with, Nick was very frail.) Since we began keto, Victoria has been pregnant and nursing. Grandson’s weight has increased by 20 pounds).


I let my weight to prevent me from really appreciating life.

I enlisted my husband’s assistance in describing my existence as a big person. He used the term “paralyzed” in his sentence. I let my weight to prevent me from really appreciating life. I felt I was revolting and couldn’t understand how anybody could enjoy me. We were active and had fun as a family, but I didn’t always engage completely. Many parties, excursions, activities, and even friendships were missed.

I was a bit overweight as a kid. I felt I was overweight, but by fasting for a few days, I could easily drop 5-10 pounds. I found out how to survive on very little food while being slim. Unfortunately, following the birth of the children, I began to acquire weight. It wasn’t because of my pregnancy that I began eating while I prepared for my family. I’d gain weight if I ate. Despite eating as little as possible, skipping several meals, and seldom eating sweets, I gained weight. My greatest weight was 234 pounds, and I was miserable the whole time.

I embarked on a spiritual quest to learn to accept and love myself as a big person. It took a few of years, but it finally occurred. I began to purchase clothing and participate in society. I despised being sick, but I was thankful for the body I had. I was praying about what to do one day and felt compelled to contact a buddy who could advise me. She informed me about the ketogenic diet. I couldn’t believe it, but it seemed like an answer to my prayer, so I got to work. We were planning to start the keto diet, so I informed my husband and my 16-year-old son. We began the keto diet the following day, February 7, 2018, without really understanding how to do it. Everything was completely finished in precisely two (wonderful) keto meals!

I wanted additional knowledge, so I looked for it and discovered it. I soaked up as much knowledge as I could during the following month (and still do). We began the two-week challenge, which we enjoyed, but we were already at a point where we couldn’t eat more than twice a day.

We were taken aback by the good outcomes, which we had not anticipated.

The three of us were all about keto on April 1st, during our Easter family gathering. It was a pleasant experience. My husband’s snoring is no longer an issue!!! He was not on any blood pressure or cholesterol medicine. My son’s allergies are no longer an issue! My severe acid reflux and stomach issues are no longer an issue (20 years of stomach agony)! We were taken aback by the good outcomes, which we had not anticipated. We spoke about keto for a long time and even shared some keto recipes.

Without informing me, my eldest son, who was approximately 75 pounds overweight, tried it. He did it for a week and then quit since his living circumstances made it tough. He made the choice to return to Keto after a weekend away. He observed how terrible he felt on a daily basis (he was also experiencing gastrointestinal problems) and how much better he felt on the keto diet. He’s dropped 23 pounds so far, and he’s loving it.

The remainder of my children arrived gradually. We had a wonderful experience working on this project together. My daughter, who is now nursing and therefore unable to completely commit herself to it, assists others along the road.

After a month and a half on keto, we relocated, and I was losing weight in the company of people who had no idea I was fat. I’m a complete stranger. I work extremely hard and still feel as wonderful as I did when I was twenty. I typically work with teenagers and find it simple to keep up with them.

Many people have asked me how I got my youngest son to eat like this. Oddly enough, he showed the most enthusiasm for keto. He has noticed that when he eats carbs, his allergies come back, so he eats very carefully. He gained more self-confidence and self-discipline, which affected his whole life. Just in time for his transfer to the university.

It’s simple to be healthy if you have the proper knowledge.

For us, weight reduction was just a tiny portion of the keto lifestyle’s advantages. We’re all happy and healthy. But the greatest advantage, in my opinion, is our new knowledge of how to govern our lives and bodies. It’s simple to be healthy if you have the proper knowledge. Some of us still need to lose weight, but we’ll eat keto for the health advantages even if we achieve our ultimate target.

Thank you to everyone on your site that teaches so effectively!

Your tale, I’m sure, will inspire many people.

Mike and Holly are a married couple living in a suburb of Tampa, Florida. Mike is a new father to two-year-old Del and Holly is a stay-at-home mom to their three-year-old twins, Jaxon and Blaise. The family isn’t talking about a private blog, but instead, they are talking about their keto journey with their readers.. Read more about keto and success stories and let us know what you think.

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