Accessorizing Tips for Mother of the Bride Ensembles


A wedding is a tapestry of love woven with threads of detail, where the bride’s mother plays a pivotal role. Her attire for the day is a statement of elegance and support for her daughter. Accessories play an indispensable role in completing her ensemble. This article provides insightful tips on selecting the perfect accessories to complement the mother of the bride’s dress, ensuring she looks her best on this momentous occasion.

Choosing the Right Jewellery

Jewellery adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication to the mother of the bride dresses. It is essential to select pieces that accentuate the dress without overshadowing it. Classic pearls or diamond studs offer a timeless look that can be both graceful and understated. Consider a brooch or elegant bracelet instead of a necklace if the dress has a high neckline. A delicate necklace can add just the right amount of allure for a V-neck or sweetheart neckline.

Selecting Shoes that Combine Comfort and Style

Shoes are the foundation of any outfit, and they must be comfortable for an event that lasts hours. The shoe choice can vary from classic pumps to stylish low-heeled sandals, depending on the formality of the wedding and personal comfort level. It’s wise to choose a heel height that is manageable, as the bride’s mother will be on her feet a lot. The color of the shoes should complement the dress, and they should be broken in before the wedding to ensure maximum comfort.

The Perfect Handbag for Essentials

A handbag for the bride’s mother is not just about style but functionality. Clutches or small shoulder bags are perfect for carrying essentials like lipstick, tissues, and powder for touch-ups throughout the day. The bag should be easy to carry and match the elegance of the dress. A small, embellished clutch can serve as both a practical item and a statement accessory.

Elegant Headwear Options

Headwear can range from fascinators to elegant hats, depending on the wedding’s formality and location. If the wedding is outdoors, a hat may serve the dual purpose of fashion and sun protection. A fascinator is a stylish alternative that adds sophistication to the hairdo without being too cumbersome.

Coordinating with the Wedding Palette

When accessorizing, the wedding color palette serves as a guide. Accessories should either complement or thoughtfully contrast with the colors of the wedding. It’s a delicate balance that requires consideration to avoid clashing or competing with the bridal party.


A good rule of thumb is to choose one colour from the palette and find accessories in varying shades of that colour for a harmonious look.

Timeless Timepieces

While watches may not be the first accessory that comes to mind, a sleek and elegant watch can serve as a beautiful, functional accessory. It should be subtle and blend with the rest of the jewelry, complementing it rather than standing out on its own.

Wraps, Shawls, and Boleros

Considering the time of day and season of the wedding, a wrap, shawl, or bolero may be necessary, especially for evening receptions or cooler climates. This can be an opportunity to add a pop of color or an additional layer of texture to the ensemble. Choosing a fabric that complements the dress while providing warmth is key.

The Fine Art of Balancing Accessories

Accessories should create a balanced look that flatters without overwhelming. If the dress is heavily embellished, minimal accessories might be best. Conversely, a simple dress can be elevated with more statement pieces.


The balance also applies to the combination of accessories – if opting for a large hat, it may be wise to forego a large necklace to avoid over-accessorizing.

Making a Personal Statement

While tradition and etiquette offer guidance, the accessories chosen should also reflect personal style. Whether it’s a vintage piece of jewelry with sentimental value or a modern accessory that speaks to personal taste, adding a personal touch will make the ensemble truly one’s own.

Quality over Quantity

Investing in high-quality accessories that can be worn again or passed down as heirlooms is important. Rather than purchasing several inexpensive items, choosing a few well-crafted pieces will lend an air of refinement to the entire look of mother of the bride dresses.


The role of the mother of the bride is cherished, and her outfit plays a significant role in the wedding’s visual narrative. Accessorizing for the occasion is more than an afterthought; it’s an integral part of the ensemble that requires careful consideration and taste. With the right combination of elegance, comfort, and personal expression, the mother of the bride’s accessories will complement her outfit and enhance the joyous overtones of her daughter’s wedding day.

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