Activities Which Are Ruining Your Skin

You might have a great skincare routine that you are following to the ‘t.’ Yet you find your skin either worsening or in the same condition as before. What should you do then?

You should understand where you are going wrong. Most of the time, it is your current skincare routine.

Stop Destroying Skins!

You might think they are helping you to glass glowing skin. However, there are activities disguised as ‘Skin Care’ which are worse for your skin in the long run. This is why we need to understand the harmful effects they are having on our type of skin and why we need to stop them right away.

Scrubbing & Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliating your skin once in a while is very important to get rid of dead skin cells. It is important to strip your dead skin cells away and deep clean your pores. However, everyday deep cleaning can be achieved by using a face wash with salicylic acid if you have oily skin. You can visit website to get some of the best skin care products.

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If you exfoliate every day to get rid of oil, it can have a negative effect on your skin. You can strip your essential oils from your skin, and this can leave you with extremely dry skin.

Dry Out Your Skin When You Have Acne

If you have oily skin and you are dealing with acne, then moisturizing might seem like a nuisance. There are many dealing with acne-prone skin who think that not moisturizing or washing their face too many times can help them.

They are far from wrong because your face needs natural oil to retain moisture. Yes, you can wash the excess oil with a face wash twice a day, but stropping your skin off the oils can dry out your skin leading it to secrete more oil than necessary.

Try A New Treatment Every Week

If you are currently trying a treatment for your skin type or you have been dealing with an issue, you have to be a little patient with your results. You cannot simply test out a product and switch to a different one within a week.

You at least have to give it six months before you can make some changes in your skincare routine. It is all about consistency which will fix your skin. Plus, if it doesn’t work, you should consult your dermatologist first and let them check your skin and whether the new treatment has caused any damage or not.

Waiting Till Older For Anti-Aging Product

Anti-aging efforts start with applying sunscreen when you leave the house. It doesn’t have to wait until you are in your mid-thirties to start. Just because you are thinking about anti-aging doesn’t mean you are already old; it just means you do not want your skin to look worse as you age.

Some of the anti-aging treatments you can try are –

– Night creams.

– Sunscreens.

– Retinol Serums.

– Chemical Peels.

These help you retain moisture in your skin, protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun, and keep your skin regaining its youthful glow at night.

Not Storing Your Products Properly

Your products need to be stored in a dried condition and at the right temperature, or else you could mess up the PH formula of the products. Plus, reading the instructions well before you store, use or keep using your products is very important.

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This is because people can often not place the lid properly or mix the product well before using, and they do have adverse effects on your skin. It is crucial to read the manufacturing and expiration dates, so you do not end up using a ruined product.

Start Taking Extra Care!

Having a good skincare routine is the fodder for good skin, and eventually, you will have to invest in some good skincare products. Try to check with a dermatologist and understand your skin type before buying your products.

Do not buy products mindlessly, and check the list of ingredients to understand whether they would suit you. Do not always go for the taglines in advertisements. It is time you take extra care of your skin.

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