All the Nominees for the “Outstanding Film” for the Oscar-2023: From the Worst to the Finest

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This year, many nominees for the title of best film were presented at the Oscars. In this article, we will tell you about all the nominees, from the best to the worst.

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“Everything Is Everywhere and at Once”

The benchmark of last year’s blockbuster (along with “Faster than a Bullet,” which was not nominated for anything at all, even for a visual), which for once entertained the viewer and did not tire. What is strange is that the tape has a very primitive and even smacks of some kind of superhero story, which critics apparently scored a bolt-on. Otherwise, I cannot explain why this film is of the nominees for the main award of the entire Oscar.

“No Changes on the Western Front”

A very harsh, cruel, and realistic war drama, which, even if it does not repeat the literary work of Remarque word for word, caused the anger of many admirers of the writer but nevertheless copes with its task to show all the cruelty of war.

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Here the characters do not wear rose-colored glasses, as in modern Russian films on similar subjects; there are no soy love lines out of place; this movie is primarily about people who have suffered this terrible tragedy. And I was very surprised when I found out that the film academy not only did not “sell” this tape but also nominated for almost everything.

“Top Gun: Maverick”

This year, the film academy wanted to suck up to the mass audience as much as possible and therefore threw into the shortlist not only the sequel to “Avatar” but also the second “Best Shooter” with Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, the film won’t win much, if it wins at all, but seeing it in the nominees still warms the heart.

“Avatar: The Way of Water”

Like James Cameron’s first tape in 2010, the sequel to his box office hit, “Avatar,” was also shoved into the 95th ceremony. At the same time, it is obvious that the tape will take the maximum of the statuette for the best visual, and for all other points, it will simply be ignored.

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And let’s be honest; the second part did not receive the same response that its predecessor received at the time. At least, the same action in it was set at a lower level than in the same first part. I am surprised how the film academy, in principle, did not “sell” this film and shoved it closer to all the big nominations.

“Triangle of Sadness”

Rubin Estland’s tape had quite a lot of potential, but in the end, all the satire was reduced to a faded disclosure of a couple of minor characters, and the writers insanely stretched the story, as a result of which it became insanely boring to watch it after some 40 minutes. In the same year, a fairly good satire, “Menu,” was published with Anya Taylor-Joy and Rafe Fiennes, where the authors, although they gave morals to the viewer, nevertheless coped with their task of ridiculing the rich. And the “Triangle” was shoved into the “Oscar” obviously for only one reason: the victory at Cannes. And nothing more.

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