Apps with Healthy Food Recipes

Some people do not achieve a healthy diet because they feel that cooking consumes a lot of time, and they may want easy-to-prepare food. Therefore, you are lucky because this article is all for you as it has listed the most useful apps; the mentioned apps will help you to prepare nutritious, healthy, and delicious food. The apps will do this by giving you nutrition information, recipes, meals, and even grocery lists to ensure you maximize your health. Most healthy food apps are convenient since they break down and analyze all the nutritional bits for you. By having this, you will be required to buy the ingredients as listed and cook them as specified.

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What Is the Highest Rated Free Healthy Eating App?


This application offers various functions like monitoring nutrient intake and calorie tracking; and will give all the necessary insight and information you will need. It comes with a feature that allows you to scan the bar codes on food packaging and even manually input foods. It will give you the nutritional assessment and total calories of the food. They can also help you identify the clean levels of your snacks and meals. It analyzes every item you enlist so you can get a breakdown of components such as sugars and Trans fats. This information creates a grading system and grades you according to your progress. An A is the best attainable grade, while a D is the worst. It is very helpful, especially regarding ascertaining food safety and validity of packaging info in terms of food cleanliness. It also gives recipe nutritional breakdowns, monitors hunger levels, sleep and exercise tracking.

5 Apps for Healthy Eating


It is a single App that covers almost all of your nutritional needs. It comes with an enormous database of nutritional information for more than 11 million different dishes. You can get information on serving sizes, calories, and basic nutrition insights. Created to track logging and your daily habits, it even allows you to scan the barcodes on packaged foods, find popular restaurant meals and enter foods on your own to get a complete look at the nutrients you’re eating daily. You can track your exercise regularly and hydration levels and connect with the huge MyFitnessPal community. It logs and tracks your habits. The MyFitnessPal is a free nutrition app with great specs for users’ convenience.

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Shopwell is a free application that breaks down nutritional labels. It makes grocery shopping, healthy eating efforts, and choices super simple for the users; it comes with a barcode scanner for any food item wrapper so that it can comprehend and make your food map. It’s like a food-tracking app that puts convenience on shopping nutritional on a whole new level. It also keeps a nutritional score chart and matches it to your needs and dietary goals. It also comes with a gluten food map for those who consume gluten-free food. Surprisingly this app is free.


It is a unique distinct healthy food app with basic food logging, but this is keen on the little details about everything from cholesterol to protein content and many other details. It is a free app with a large comprehensive database of different food groups. It tracks the nutrients you need, so even if you are on a keto, vegan, or paleo diet, it can also track the nutrients most critical for your health. You will not incur any in-app purchases on this application.

Carb Manager

It is for people on a low-carb diet; this app is a steal for you. It tracks calories, glycemic load, blood sugar, net carbs, and more. It also helps you keep an eye on the select foods that conform to your health goals. You can also track your hydration levels, weight, and the long-term impact of the diet. The apps are free to use.

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Happy Cow

Finding vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free restaurant feels impossible at times. Happy Cow locates local restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes in which you can eat, and it offers even home deliveries from the restaurants. It connects with over 140 000 restaurants and stores. It also allows you to filter by your diet preferences or restrictions. It will allow you to shop, dine or order according to your needs which is pretty cool if you ask me. And it is completely free.


It is a weight loss app; you key in height, age, and other aspects. The application customises your plans according to your set goals. It has a health test weekly that encompasses habits to identify potential improvement areas.

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