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Morning is the time for a good start: A good breakfast should be healthy, nutritious and tasty. Especially if you’re on a diet and need to lose weight, it is of importance to get good nutrition in the morning instead of in the evening, because the body’s metabolism for the day continues during the night.

How about some Turkish breakfast for Mıhlama? This is a simple recipe that is one of our favorites. We make this at least once a month and we are happy if we have enough time to eat it together. As you can see, it takes only a couple of minutes to prepare and the taste is magnificent.

While most parts of the world are waking up to the concept of breakfast, in Turkey, the morning meal is not much different from what you might get back home. That includes the daily Turkish breakfast. For those not familiar with this culture, the Turkish breakfast consists of a large amount of food served in a very small amount of time. (We might call this the “no big deal, here’s everything you need to eat” breakfast.)






    • The Turkish Breakfast originates in Turkey’s Black Sea area, but Turkey has made its way into every kitchen. Here’s how to make a tasty Mhlama dish.
  • Recipe for Mhlama Ingredients
  • The Secret to an Mhlama Recipe
  • What is the Mhama Recipe?
The Turkish Breakfast originates in Turkey’s Black Sea area, but Turkey has made its way into every kitchen. Here’s how to make a tasty Mhlama dish.

Mhlama (Turkish breakfast) is a simple dish to prepare. You can Mhlama at home after you’ve discovered the appropriate ingredients and followed the recipe correctly, and your breakfast table will be transformed into a feast. Allow for the cutting of the breads and the brewing of the tea.

Recipe for Mhlama Ingredients

  • a quarter-pound of butter
  • corn flour (four tablespoons)
  • 2 quarts water
  • trabzon cheese, 300 g

The Secret to an Mhlama Recipe

The flavor of Mhlama may be improved by using finely ground and fresh maize flour, as well as simple fat derived from casein (milk foam).

What is the Mhama Recipe?

  1. Spread the butter out across the pitch. Over low heat, melt until bubbling.
  2. Gradually add the corn flour and start roasting it with a wooden spoon.
  3. Add water after the corn flour has become a color.
  4. Cook corn flour in boiling water, then stir in the wire cheese and Trabzon cheese.
  5. Cook the nail over low heat, stirring occasionally. Start on the butter and when it becomes color, serve it immediately without waiting for the burner to nail it. Share it with your friends and family.

Take pleasure in your food!

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