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Based on the success of our cauliflower crusts, I decided to try a new idea: cauliflower crusts on top of a low carb pizza.

I love pizza. I love all types of pizza. I love it stuffed with French fries, I love it stuffed with pepperoni, I love it stuffed with anything. I also love cauliflower crusts—I could eat them all day, every day, any day. And now I have a couple of recipes for you to try, because I’m a bad person who just wants you to eat lots and lots of cauliflower.

To say that pizza is a staple food in our culture is an understatement. It’s so easy that it can be made in any kind of oven or microwave, and even on the grill. But, of course, if you want to eat one, you can only have it if you’re on a keto diet. That can make it a pretty big deal to find a keto pizza that tastes good.

The Silence & The Fury is the latest and final DLC for the excellent game Total War: Warhammer 2. This Lord Pack adds two new Lords, each belonging to a different faction. The two races are significantly different, with the biggest changes for the beastmen, with the Creative Assembly team reworking the entire race as part of the patch.

Pahuax’s apparitions

The spirits of Pahuax, commanded by the brilliant Lord Oxyotl, set out on a trip to the far north, surrounded by corruption and aware that the armies of Chaos are closing in. One of Oxytol’s defining characteristics is that he sees visions of elderly men giving him duties.

Visions of the Old Ones offers a new map mode that replicates these missions and adds teleportation spots for Oxyotl. Completing these missions pays you with money, buffs, and Sanctum gems, which are obtained mainly via quests, but the level 12 Oxyotl talent also offers a little income in the form of gems.

You may construct sanctuaries of quiet in any known province with these gems, which give visions and provide construction sites to enhance local authority. You may even construct the Tepok Stone, a one-of-a-kind structure that is very helpful for organized assaults or defending a border that may be attacked. He can also teleport to his province capital by default, which comes in useful if you’re on a task that brings you to the opposite side of the map.

Oxyotl’s ambush location is also improved, but I was too preoccupied with racing over the map to utilize him in my game.

The Battle Horns Tribe is a group of warriors that wear battle horns on their heads.

Taurox the Copper Bull leads the Slaughterhorn tribe, which begins right below the dark elves, between the cliffs and the forest, eager to raid and kill anything in sight. Rampage is their unique mechanism, which consists of three phases, each of which offers a different benefit after you’ve gathered enough Rampage tokens.

This Rampage meter grows up as you battle and win, and with Momentum, which rises with repeated strikes each round, it fills up even quicker. If you lose or withdraw from a battle, your momentum will dwindle, and the bar will eventually empty. In addition to the level prizes, the initial level grants you the option to restart the Taurox Army’s campaign movement. When you finish the course, the Rampage resets and you may begin again.

Taurox wins also enhance the leadership of Chaos factions while decreasing the leadership of everyone else. This effect may be stacked up to three times, giving beastmen an edge in battle. River of Blood is doubly significant since the general shift in Beastmen imposes unit limitations for higher grade soldiers comparable to those of Renown Regiments, which reduces the army’s overall morale.

Earn destruction tokens and spend fear in the Beastmen’s terror reward window to raise the number of these units. You may also utilize this system to raise the number of hero captains and their beginning levels, recruit legendary lords (if additional DLC is available), improve your faction, and purchase armor, weapons, charms, and other items with favors.

Beastmen’s upgrades add even more, but if you like the concept of continuously battling, not worrying about content, and destroying everything, Beastmen may be for you. Your primary objective is to raise flocks of rocks, ruin the ecosystem, and then move on to better pastures and new foes.

Heroes and gentlemen

We can’t discuss the Lord’s package without mentioning the most essential component: the Lord Himself. Oxyotl is a very weak lord that like to improve Skink troops via stat boosts, stealth, and a variety of flags. He also gets more experience battling Beastmen, Chaos, and Norsk forces, and while crossing borders, he incurs no diplomatic penalties.

The new Skink Oracles, fortunately for Oxyotl, become superb battle magicians. These mixed magic heroes are already mounted on a horse and wield toxic bullets that penetrate the group like butter, often annihilating over a dozen enemies in a single swoop. They also have healing magic, which thrills me as a lizardman lover since it eliminates the requirement for lifelanns, allowing me to finally utilize the Firelords.

Taurox Copper Bull is the polar opposite of Oxyotl, a battlefield unstoppable force. You can simply toss it into combat and have nearly everything smashed without worry since it has regeneration, terror, excellent life force, and everything else you’d expect from a melee monster.

The Wargors, his new heroes, are ready to assist their master in hand-to-hand battle and to reinforce his army’s troops. There isn’t much excitement here, and despite their strength, these characters seem inferior to the other newbies in the Beastmen series.


He stood speechless as a low-level Oracle of Skinks killed a bunch in the distant on his alone.


The pace, both towards one other and toward their races, is, in my view, the most significant distinction between the two groups. In a frenetic defense game, Oxyotl must attempt to accomplish tasks within the allowed time while frantically trying to establish a solid empire on the front lines of the Chaos assault. The game is unique among Lizardmen games, so if you like sparkly dinosaurs, you should certainly check it out.

Taurox, on the other hand, spends his time destroying colonies before moving on to the next one. The shift from more conventional factions to more provinces is extremely refreshing, and if you haven’t played Beastmen before, this DLC is a fantastic place to start.

Good vs. Bad

Various game types For healers, the Lizardmen get heroes. In the Vortex campaign, you may access beastmen without needing to utilize the original Beastmen DLC. New regiments and units have been found.

Is there anything better than pizza? The fact is on a keto diet, pizza can easily fall into the forbidden zone, but cauliflower crusts really do the trick. At first, the idea of cauliflower crusts might sound a little strange, but they do make a perfect pizza. The only issue is you need to make sure you follow the recipe exactly, since the crusts are delicate and we’re not so sure about the effects of artificial additives on our bodies.. Read more about cali’flour foods pizza crust cooking instructions and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cauliflower pizza keto friendly?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Is store bought cauliflower pizza crust keto?

Cauliflower pizza crust is not keto, as it contains carbohydrates.

Is cauliflower pizza crust really low carb?

Yes, cauliflower is low carb.

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