Can You Cut Down on the Cost of Your Prescription Medication?

With more people falling sick, healthcare costs have become an inevitable expense for most families. Unfortunately, prescription drugs are getting expensive, eating into the household income. In the last year, medicines have become more than 31% costly for Americans. Some have seen 500% price jumps. People in the US already pay 2-3 times more price than anywhere else in the world. However, the excessive increase has made things more difficult for them, primarily low-income households. The rising costs are affecting 23% of underinsured and 9% of uninsured adults harder.

Data suggest that nearly one-third of American adults (including insured) cannot take their prescription medicines because of affordability issues. About 3 of 10 people don’t complete their doses – they reduce the quantity or don’t replenish their stock. Consequently, they face major health complications. All these situations have compelled some households to search for cheaper alternatives outside the country, and about 8% of them have already taken this path. If you want to control your medication cost, reliable Canadian pharmacies can help. You can use pharmacy coupons online at the time of the transaction to see an impact.

Can You Trust Canadian Medications?

The medicines are as safe as what you get from the US pharmacy. They are the same. After all, pharma companies distribute their stock to wholesalers and resell medicines to individual drug stores worldwide. The treatment you take in Canada and what you use in the US will be the same as your doctor prescribes.

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Hence, you can also shop for your medicine from Canada at a low price. Some wonder why the same prescription drug is costly in the US while affordable in another country. There are logical explanations.

How Do Pharmacies Offer the Same Prescription Drug at a Low Cost?

The availability of affordable medicines in Canada is the result of the price control measures taken by the government. Some more factors make this possible. One of them is the less interference of the middlemen. Most medicines in the US go through mediators, affecting the total cost. Pharmacy companies in Canada also have legal protection and spend a significant chunk of their budget on D2C advertising annually. Another thing is the absence or negligible prevalence of market capitalism, whereby companies determine which medicine will sell at what price in a specific area.

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Patients save huge money on their medications by choosing generic drugs from their providers and changing pharmacies. They can also look for coupons to lower their bill. The statistics reveal about 28% of American adults are on a prescription not covered by insurance, and 13% of others used to take prescription drugs, which their health policies stopped covering. If you belong to any of these categories, there is more reason to look for alternatives. Hunt for rebates and coupons and compare prices to get a favorable deal. These can also help you avoid getting into debt, which will affect you even more adversely. You will no longer delay or prevent your doses when you do due diligence in this area.

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