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In my quest to find easy keto recipes that are also quick and easy, I stumbled upon the concept of using a keto diet staple pantry list to create keto meals. This list of low carb staples is meant to serve as a meal plan, so you can cook a week’s worth of healthy meals in advance without having to worry about finding low carb ingredients at the grocery store.

When you are on the keto diet, it is very important to know what you are eating and what foods you can and cannot eat. In this article, I will share my easy keto meal plan using pantry staples.

In this short post, I share an easy keto meal plan using pantry staples to show you how simple it is to prepare delicious, keto-friendly meals. My meals are designed to be simple, easy, and affordable. I don’t use a lot of expensive ingredients or time-consuming methods. I also don’t use a lot of processed foods. I cover some basics in this post, but you can also check out the free cookbook I put together if you’re interested in exploring more recipes.


Do you need to plan your meals for the next week?

We’ve made sure you can prepare tasty, comfortable meals in a week with our easy keto diet plan, so you won’t have to wonder what you’re going to eat for supper. These meals are simple to make and use cupboard staples as well as fresh items you may already have on hand.

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Here are five quick and tasty keto meal options for the week:


Time to cook: 15 minutes Time to cook: 30 minutes 4 servings

With honey mustard marinated chicken breast, pickled mushrooms, crispy bacon, melted cheddar, and shallots, it’s a knockoff of the Outback Steakhouse.


To make the mustard sauce, combine the following ingredients in a small mixing bowl.

For chicken, prepare as follows:

For a recipe, go HERE.


Time to cook: 20 minutes Time to cook: 20 minutes 4 servings

A Tex-Mex spin on a delicious and delectable dish with chopped cheese and chipotle salsa!


To make the pan:

Additional padding:

For a recipe, go HERE.


Time to cook: 15 minutes Time to cook: 15 minutes 5 servings

This seductively easy stir-fry recipe has tender pieces of sirloin and peppers seasoned with garlic butter.


For the spices, use the following:

    • paprika powder (1 tablespoon)
    • 1 teaspoon powdered garlic
    • a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or more if you want a spicier flavor)
    • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    • 1 teaspoon oregano, dry
    • 1 teaspoon powdered onion
    • a half teaspoon of salt
    • a quarter teaspoon of pepper

This is how you make the dish in a pan:

For a recipe, go HERE.


Time to cook: 15 minutes Time to cook: 60 minutes 6 servings

With thick layers of chicken, ham, and melted Swiss cheese, the delectable chicken cordon bleu becomes an easy evening stew.

For a recipe, go HERE.


Time to cook: 8 minutes Time to cook: 50 minutes 8 servings

Homemade Italian keto meatballs and fresh spiralized zucchini noodles float in a luscious tomato broth in this hearty soup.


For meatballs, use the following ingredients.

To make the soup, combine the following ingredients.

For a recipe, go HERE.


Do you need some light side dish ideas to go with these main courses?

You may make the dinner, for example, although many of these dishes can be consumed on their own. B. accompanied with a few of our favorite easy side dishes:


Breakfast, lunch, and the days in between are all important.

Breakfast does not have to be a frantic affair. If you’re pressed for time, a few slices of bacon and a cup of bulletproof coffee will suffice. Make these extremely simple ham and cheese bowls ahead of time and reheat them up for a quick breakfast throughout the week! These super easy and delicious keto donuts that you can make in a blender are another of my favorites!

Lunch can consist of light sandwiches with ham and cucumber, as well as this three-ingredient avocado chicken salad. Find out what other meal ideas you can make at home or at work. As a tasty low-carb snack, we enjoy these handmade Kind Keto bars.


Keep these keto fat bombs with almond butter in the freezer for a sweet treat if you have a sweet craving!

Finally, many members of the team practice intermittent fasting, such as Colleen, who fasts for 24 hours each night until dinner and then fasts (except for coffee) until the next night. More information is available HERE.

{Keto Basics} A ketogenic diet is a very low-carb diet that allows you to eat a very high amount of healthy fats and protein. The main goal of the keto diet is to enter ketosis which is a fat burning state. Ketosis makes the liver produce ketones which gives the body the energy it needs to lose weight.. Read more about keto pantry australia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stock my pantry for Keto?

It is best to stock your pantry with healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado. Other staples are nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

What should be in the ketogenic pantry?

Here is a list of the best ketogenic foods to have in your pantry.

How do I stock a low carb pantry?

A low carb pantry is a place that you keep your food items that are low in carbs. The key to stocking a low carb pantry is to have a variety of foods with different textures and flavors so that you can eat balanced meals without having to worry about what type of food you will be eating.

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