Elvanse 50 mg Pris vs. Elvanse 70 mg Pris: Which Dose to Choose to Manage ADHD


People face problems concerning hyperactivity and deficit of attention worldwide. Consequently, they require efficient treatment to handle their neurological disorder. People with ADHD find it difficult to focus on duties and tasks. Besides, they cannot control their emotions and have conflicts with others. Elvanse is a drug that helps ADHD patients manage their disorders. The pharmaceutical market in Sweden offers different doses, though the most popular are Elvanse 50 mg and 70 mg.

What is the difference? What is Elvanse 50 mg pris? Is Elvanse 70 mg pris higher? What patients require smaller or higher doses? Where to buy good quality ADHD drugs? These are the answers.

Where to Purchase Elvanse?

If a person wants to treat the disorder safely, it’s necessary to get Elvanse from trustworthy providers. It can be either an online or offline drugstore. It’s too dangerous to buy such drugs on the streets. One risks getting low-quality drugs or even mere fakes that will cause more harm than benefit. Traditionally, patients need a prescription to buy Elvanse in offline drugstores.

Elvanse 50 mg Pris in Online vs. Offline Drugstore?

What is the difference between buying Elvanse online and offline in Sweden? There are four things to consider.


Elvanse 50 mg pris is cheaper online than offline. One can say the same about Elvanse 70 mg pris. The reason is in various financial aspects. An online drugstore doesn’t need to rent a building and cleaning staff to sell drugs. It works with stores that deliver the required parcels. Due to that, products are offered cheaper than in traditional drugstores. Offline pharmacies add costs for the utilities, rent, staff salaries, and other expenses to their drugs.


Offline drugstores offer the drug here and right now. However, some delivery services can bring the parcel to one’s door quickly if ordering express services. Besides, there is no need to leave one’s home and waste time on the commute to buy medicine.


One should also choose an online pharmacy that promises a refund in case of failed deadline deliveries or for damaged packaging or expired capsules. The best variant is to order from drugstores that work with Swedish clients and sell Elvanse accepting krona.


One has to leave an apartment, go to the drugstore, and stay in a queue to get Elvanse offline. Some patients don’t want to inform a pharmacist about their health disorder who can be their neighbor or a mate. In this case, ordering drugs online is a privilege. One gets the parcel to the door without the need to leave an apartment.

Another thing one can expert at online pharmacies is free online consultation. Online helpers are available 24/7 and can connect clients with an online health advisor for more details.

RX and No RX

Reputable online drugstores don’t ask for a prescription screenshot. One doesn’t have to ask a doctor to renew it each time one runs off the medicine. So, online shopping is truly comfortable.

Elvanse 50 mg Pris vs. Elvanse 70 mg Pris

How much does the ADHD treatment cost? Generally, everything depends on the chosen pharmacy and manufacturer.


Traditionally, online pharmacies usually offer blue and yellow 50 mg capsules and pink and blue 70 mg capsules. Some can also sell 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg dose capsules. Nevertheless, 70 mg capsules is the highest dose. One cannot buy a single capsule. The generic drug is released in plastic bottles with 60 or 90 capsules. The table below contains Elvanse 50 mg pris and Elvanse 70 mg pris for 60 and 90 capsules per pack.

Quantity Dose Cost
60 capsules 50 mg 1800 kr
60 capsules 70 mg 2250 kr
90 capsules 50 mg 2577 kr
90 capsules 70 mg 3000 kr

Tip: the more items one buys, the cheaper the treatment is.

As one can see, the price depends on the dose and the quantity in a pack. Consequently, one capsule of 50 mg Elvanse costs 28.63-30 krona. The price of a 70 mg Elcanse capsule varies between 37,5 kr and 33,3 kr.

Brand vs. Generics

The active component of the capsule is Lisdexamfetamine. Different pharmaceutical companies use it to create ADHD pills. They cannot sell them under one name. That’s why customers can buy Vyvanse, Elvanse, Tyvense, and other products in online and offline pharmacies.

The most popular drugs are brand. One knows them as Vyvanse. Brands pay for the formula development and their right to produce the original product until their patent expires. That’s why brand goods are always expensive.

For example,  Elvanse 70 mg pris in the US and the Canadian market is almost 140 kr! Not everyone can afford such an expensive treatment. So, other companies wait for the required period and start using the already existing product to offer generics.

What are the pros of generics? They are:

  • cheaper
  • effective
  • available without prescription
  • tested
  • approved by health control organizations

Generics have the same active component but can differ in color, shape, and release form. For example, Vyvanse is produced as a chewable tablet or an oral capsule. Generic Elvanse is merely a capsule. However, it provides the same effect as brand drugs. Due to that, customers in Sweden can buy their treatment drug Elvanse cheaply.

What Dose to Choose?

Swedish customers can get capsules with 20 mg to 70 mg of Lisdexamfetamine. Still, nobody should ever choose the dose independently. A dose selection is the responsibility of a doctor. A health advisor examines a patient and decides what dose to prescribe.

If a patient has no health complaints, a health expert can start with the required dose. If a patient might have allergic reactions or side effects, a doctor prescribes trial lower doses and then gradually increases them. In case patients experience adverse effects, doctors prescribe analogs with the same effect. Online consultants and pharmacists aren’t responsible for the wrong dose selection or side effects.

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