Essential Digital Tools Every Business must Have

Business in this 21st century has become digitised, meaning every business owner must follow suit if they still want to maintain their current market share or increase it. Digitalization has increased the productivity level of most business employees, with companies recording huge sales and profits simply because they have joined the digitalization wave currently sweeping across the business world.


Productivity in its simplest form can be the expected output level after putting in maximum effort. In this current dispensation, productivity in business has gone beyond the level of output to include working smart, meeting the demand of your customers, strategizing, and also being able to harness group effort to achieve a stated goal. Most business enterprises lack productivity because they still hold on to outdated ways of doing things and do not want to digitalize, affecting their productivity level. The inception of the internet and ICT has tremendously improved how business is done. But unfortunately, there are still businesses that do not recognize the usefulness of digitalization. These businesses either have zero online presence, or they do not fully utilize it. Another reason why most companies are not productive is that they neglect the critical business and website localization tools that can help increase their productivity.


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Digital tools are software developed to ease and make individuals more productive and efficient in their businesses. With digital devices, the duration of completing a task is reduced to the barest minimum. In this era of digitalization, most companies are taking advantage of digital tools to increase their productivity, resulting in more excellent sales and profit. Therefore, any business to survive and thrive in this present dispensation must embrace the use of digital tools. Digital tools have come to stay, as more of them are being developed every day by app developers and tech enthusiasts. The following section of the article will mention the essential digital tools for business and give a detailed explanation.


We have already established and discussed the importance of digital tools to business enterprises. We will now discuss some critical digital tools every business enterprise should have. They include the following.

●       Asana: Asana is an essential digital tool that is used to track your business undertakings and also coordinate group efforts. Asana was developed by a former Facebook cofounder It has helped businesses track their progress on a given task. Asana helps you to maintain direct contact with your colleagues and other employees from other companies, in case of a joint project. This has a way of increasing productivity because there is a coordinated effort and input.

●       Slack: Slack is an essential digital tool every business organization must have. It is an instant messaging app for the workplace. With slack app, it becomes possible to maintain a constant communication in the workplace and business arena. It has features suitable for increasing productivity in business such as sharing files, video chats, and also public channels for the team. With slack, you can keep yourself informed on an ongoing team project it also makes it easy for brainstorming and sharing of innovative ideas amongst employees in other to move the business enterprise forward

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● I call: icall is arguably the most essential digital tool every business enterprise should have. In its simplest definition icall is used for recording a phone call. This makes it possible to secure any verbal agreement reached between you as a business owner and your clients to avoid any sort of disagreement or the issue that can arise in the future.

●       Zendesk: This app is an essential digital tool for business enterprises who wish to keep close contact with their customers. The app has features for chats and video calls. Most business enterprises want to keep track of their customers, as a show of goodwill and also to maintain the existing relationship for continuous patronage.

●       Dropbox: Dropbox is an app that can be useful to business enterprises in accessing files and documents. With Dropbox, you can secure important and sensitive files, accessing them when the need arises. Dropbox also makes provisions for sharing of files, which means you can share files with your colleagues. Dropbox eliminates the issue of having each employee save confidential files privately, which makes it difficult for another employee to access such files.

●       Hootsuite: This is another app that is a must-have for businesses, it is arguably the best digital tool that any business enterprise can use to manage most if not all of their social media platforms. It is used in the synchronization of all social media platforms. With these apps, business enterprises can monitor their online advertising and marketing and also connect with their clients. In this era of social media marketing as a way of boosting sellers and also engaging with prospective clients.

In conclusion, business in this current dispensation has become digitized, and most smart business enterprises are following the trend which has yielded enormous fruits for them in terms of their productivity levels, output and profit. For any business to enjoy the benefits and dividends accruable from digitalization, it must ensure that it has some important digital tools that are essential for business growth and efficiency.

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