Gorgeous Curtain Bangs Hairstyles For All Face Shapes


Curtain bangs have quickly become the trendiest haircut for soft face framing. These long, layered fringe bangs delicately curve and taper past the cheekbones. These bangs are more versatile than blunt bangs and highly flattering.

The signature appeal of these bangs lies in their feathered edges. The bangs beautifully accentuate eyes and cheek structure, leaving the length and tapering the fringe. They can be cut to suit round, oval, square, diamond, and heart-shaped faces. Layering creates versatile side-swept styling options, too. Take notes from these curtain bangs hair ideas you’ll love.

How To Style Bangs

Getting the styling right is key to making curtain bangs work for your face shape. Avoid flat triangles of hair! Create texture and movement by blowdrying the fringe away from the roots to encourage bounce and flow. Apply mousse to damp bangs and tousle dry using your fingers.

When trimming the bangs at home, point cut vertically into ends and long layers using sharp hair-dressing scissors. Remove no more than a 1⁄4 inch at a time, working in sections.

Bangs For Round Faces

The right bangs can help soften round-face shapes beautifully. Aim for a lighter, wider-set fringe that falls below the cheekbones. Subtle face-framing layers prevent width at the cheeks. Part bangs off-center and create a side-swept texture towards the slimmest part of your face.

The key is keeping rounded face bangs long and lightweight. Style with volume at the roots to add height and create oval illusions. They are sweeping to the side slims, while straight-across risks widening.


Bangs For Square Faces

Cutting the bangs for square faces creates the illusion of added length. Cut soft fringe to graze below the cheekbones – longer than typical bangs. Adding pretty waves enhances the lengthening effect while the face-framing shape widens slightly. Part hair off-center and sweep sideways.

The goals are drawing the eye down and softening sharp jawlines. Shoulder-skimming curtain fringe adds balance while sleek flipped-out texture camouflages square angles. Part hair deeply off-center for slimming asymmetrical framing.

Bangs For Oval Faces

Lucky oval faces suit almost all curtain and fringe bang styles. Aim to cut fringe to graze your cheekbones for classic curtain bang proportions. Part hair centrally or off-center for versatile styling. For oval faces, these bangs work beautifully.

Oval faces play around with different thicknesses, textures, and parts. Change up full Bangs for a blunt finish, wispy side-swept texture, or piece-y shag bangs grazing the jawline. Have fun switching from middle to side parts daily.


Bangs For Heart Faces

Heart face shapes involve wide foreheads tapering to pointed chins. Curtain bangs aim to balance proportions. Cut soft fringe to finish below the cheekbone – slightly longer than classic bangs. Keep the fringe uniform in width as it frames the face for balance. Deep off-center parts work best.

The off-center parted texture helps downplay a wide forehead while a longer face-framing fringe balances a narrow chin. The piece-y chopped fringe also boosts volume around the cheeks—always style side-swept.

Bangs For Long Faces

On oblong and long face shapes, standard shoulder-length bangs proportions work beautifully. Cut the fringe to brush the cheekbones in a classic tapered shape for harmony with facial features. Flicked-out fringe softens the jawline. Part the bangs off-center and sweep sideways to make long faces appear shorter and more oval-shaped.

Keep long face bangs on the longer side to align with the face shape. Soften edges by pointing and flicking out the ends loosely. Side parts are essential to fake width and shorten the appearance of narrow face shapes.

Bangs With Layered Hair

For maximized texture and body, pair the bangs with long layered hair. Ask your stylist for light face-framing layers that complement the fringe length. Shorter layers through mid-lengths to ends encourage extra bounce. Part of the hair is off-center, so the layers cascade heavier on one side rather than dragging a triangle shape down.

Long shag and wolf haircuts also suit curtain bangs beautifully by aligning layers. Shags feature heavily chopped and shortened layers all over – including the fringe area.

Meanwhile, the wolf cut layers of the bottom third only. Both create effortless, undone texture, befitting flowy bangs. Embrace unevenness!

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