How to Become a Certified Health Coach in Singapore?

A health coach provides support to their client in the areas of diet and exercise to help them achieve their goals. They know about nutrition and exercise science and have experience in delivering adequate support. The first step would be to complete a certificate program that meets the requirements set by Singapore’s National Trade Council and evaluate if you are interested in pursuing this career path after that. Then, register with a recognized certification agency accredited by NATS (National Occupational Trainers Society). After passing the necessary exams, you will be awarded your official certification card from AHDB (the Association for Health & Development).

Complete the Core Coach Training

First and foremost, you will need to complete your NATS-accredited Certificate in Personal Training and Clinical Fitness Instruction program. You can choose between the two programs as they provide you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver adequate nutritional support.

You will then have to satisfy your school’s core training requirements. It usually consists of a minimum number of hours spent on each class topic area (assessment, nutrition, etc.) before moving on to the next training level. You may need to take an exam or complete a writing assignment to satisfy this requirement.

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Complete the Foundation Coach Training

After you have passed the core coaching training with the help of The Coach Partnership, you should then complete the Foundation Coach Training. It will have a minimum number of hours spent on each class topic area (assessment, nutrition, etc.), and you may need to take an exam or complete a writing assignment to satisfy this requirement. Completing your certification will allow you to register with AHDB and list yourself on their website as a certified health coach in Singapore. Once registered and approved by AHDB, you can start looking for clients and setting up your practice.

Deepen Knowledge and Practice

You can further deepen your knowledge and practice of health coaching by enrolling in a Master’s Degree program in health coaching. It can help you improve your knowledge and understanding in the core areas of personal training, exercise science, and nutrition, as well as other areas critical to a health coach.

You can also join the NATS-accredited staff association, which provides opportunities for learning from experienced practitioners and networking with colleagues in the profession. Increase your know-how by taking continuing education courses for trainers and continuing professional development (CPD) courses.

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Become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach

After having met the minimum requirements and completing your Master’s Degree program, you will then be eligible to apply for NATS-accredited certification. The application requires the submission of a CV, completed application form, official NATS Health Coach Exam Questionnaire, and fingerprints. You will also need to pay a non-refundable certification fee and follow up with NATS after you have been approved through email. It then gets you officially listed on their website as Certified Health & Wellness Coach in Singapore.

After successfully earning your health coach certification in Singapore, you may want to research or write about health coaching or seek other opportunities to help you improve your skills and knowledge base.


Meeting the minimum standards and completing a Master’s Degree in health coaching will officially certify you certified as a certified health coach in Singapore. You can then register with AHDB and earn an online reputation for your work among health coaches.

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