How To Convince Your Grandparents To Wear Pull-Ups


As people age, they become less functional and slowly lose control over things they could easily take charge of. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with most older adults is incontinence. The inability to control waste, both fecal and urine, is not only embarrassing but can also affect their self-esteem.

The good news is that this can be easily managed by using diapers. However, it is essential to choose the right kind of diaper for proper hygiene and greater confidence. This is why you should find practical ways to convince your grandparents to use pull-up diapers, as they are more convenient, comfortable, and easy to handle. Below are a few tips you should try to get them onboard.

Choose the Right Words

Besides being kind and considerate, your words matter when convincing your grandparents to use the right diapers. No elderly want to get diapers. Usually, diapers are interpreted to be bulky and uncomfortable. Therefore, when trying to get your grandpa to try adult diapers for men, try to express the product so they can readily embrace it. The same language will work for grandmothers.

What’s more, diapers sound more like heavy baby accessories. On the other hand, adult incontinence pads or underwear are different. They offer more comfort and are suited for adult users.  As such, you don’t want to use the wrong term when describing these valuable products and discourage your grandparents from adopting them.

You can ask them to try the adult briefs you bring for them. Alternatively, ask them to consider using the disposable underwear you just bought. This should come after you have explained the gains if they have never used such a product before. The bottom line is to use the correct language when dealing with older people. Any wrong interpretation sets a bad mindset for a helpful product.

Work with Your Grandparent’s Physician

Sometimes, no matter how much we care, our loved ones may not listen. You may have the best remedies and suggestions to suit their current needs. Unfortunately, your grandparents may not take you seriously due to the familiarity.

In such cases, it is best to consider conversing with their physician. If the advice or suggestion comes from their medic, they are more likely to embrace it as official advice. Please find time to talk to the physician without making it obvious. The doctor friend has a better chance of getting your grandparents to embrace using pullup diapers than you ever will.

Be Gentle but Let Them Know of an Odor

If your grandparents are easygoing and more relaxed around you, then you can inform them about the odor coming from them. However, you want to be kind and gentle when relaying such information. Your grandparents will appreciate the heads-up, especially if they like social events.

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You can introduce them to pull-up diapers as a way of helping them curb the odor from uncontrollable incontinence. Just be sure to handle the matter delicately. The last thing you want is to hurt your loved one by carelessly mentioning a vulnerability they have.

After all, the goal is not to injure your grandparents’ feelings or destroy their self-esteem. If you cannot do this yourself, try going through a friend or relative they can trust more.

Give Them Samples

When introducing incontinence briefs to your grandparents, start with samples. This will be easier for elders already using some form of diaper. This usually works better for people who have tried adult diapers. You aim to introduce new briefs to make things more convenient for older adults.

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The idea of an easy-to-use diaper that is also better to move around in will attract older people. Make sure to get them a few samples of the different offers before getting them the exact types they prefer. When they choose the pants or briefs, then chances are that they will embrace it better.

Help Them Process it

This is especially true for older adults who have never used pull-up diapers. Note that older people have a way of doing things. It is essential to exercise patience with them and appreciate that they may not be received immediately.

Guide them and help explain the different questions they may have. They may want to know much about using pull-up diapers, so you must be ready to explain it. Play the supportive role they need throughout the transition process. Once you are sure they are comfortable with the new product, you can be sure they will request more.

Let Them Know You Care

The best way to convince your grandparents or other elderly folks to embrace something new is to make them know you care. Relate with them in a manner that registers your care and understanding.

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First, establish the problem they are struggling with and appreciate the challenges involved. Next, let them know that you want to help sincerely. This will get them to open up more which is how you can suggest a few practical remedies. If you can, use examples that resonate with them. For instance, you can tell them that the pull-up diapers have worked for others their age. Once they see how relatable the solution is, they will be more willing to try.

Final Thoughts

When introducing your grandparents to a solution such as pull-up diapers, your aim should be to make everything easier for you. Walk this journey with a lot of understanding and love

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