When storing marijuana seeds, the key is to maintain a cool, dry environment. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight since this will result in germination problems. Generally, you should keep your seeds at a constant nine percent humidity level. You can also store seeds in grip-seal bags, which will prevent moisture from escaping. For long-term storage, you can opt for vacuum-airtight packages. If you’re concerned about the air quality, consider putting a desiccant into the package.

When storing sativa weed seeds, you can either use a tan coin or a standard mailing envelope. These types of containers are more suitable for short-term storage, and they can protect your seeds from harmful light. Just make sure that you vacuum-seal the bag and put the container in a cool, dark place. You can even write a note on the envelope, which will help you remember which strains you’ve stored.

The Robust Shell Of Cannabis Seeds Makes Them Suited For Long-Term Storage

Cannabis seeds have a robust shell that makes them suitable for long-term storage. They are viable for up to 10 years. In case you’re a seed bank owner or a home grower, you need to know how to store marijuana seeds so that they’ll be ready for germination. Proper seed storage will ensure that you get a quality harvest. So, let’s learn how to store marijuana seeds.

It is imperative to store your seeds in a dark, cool place. They can be affected by excess light or humidity, which can lead to premature germination. When storing marijuana seeds, you should also make sure that their humidity is at a minimum of nine percent. For longer-term storage, you should also use vacuum-sealed packages. A food-grade desiccant is a good option.

They Should Be Kept In A Dark Place Away From Fluctuations In Temperature And Light

After soaking the marijuana seeds, you must place them in a dark place where light and temperature fluctuations cannot reach them. A refrigerator that is cold enough to keep the marijuana seeds in perfect condition is ideal for this purpose. Likewise, a cooler environment will also prevent the seeds from absorbing excessive moisture. If you’re storing the marijuana seeds in a cooler, be sure to avoid exposing them to light. It will damage the genetic purity of cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Retain Moisture for Longer With Desiccant

A desiccant helps cheap cannabis seeds retain moisture for a long time. A desiccant will also help prevent the seeds from turning moldy when they’re exposed to light. Once your marijuana seeds have dried, they can be stored in an airtight refrigerator for several months. If you’re storing them for more than three months, you should store them in a fridge at room temperature.

Once you’ve separated the seeds from their packaging, you need to store them properly. Ideally, they should be stored in a dark cupboard or drawer. The seeds should be kept in the dark, cool place. In warm climates, they should be placed in a refrigerator. However, if you’re storing them in a cooler, then they should be stored in the freezer. The best way to store marijuana seeds is to separate them from the pack and then place them in the freezer.

Bottom Line

To store marijuana seeds for longer than three months, you should store them in the refrigerator. Although refrigerators are generally dark and dry, they can also be susceptible to condensation. To prevent mold, you should keep them in a cool, dark place. Always remember to keep the moisture in the container and store the seeds in a desiccant. For long-term storage, you can also choose a moist place for your seed storage.

The most important thing when storing marijuana seeds is to keep the seeds at a constant temperature. The colder they are, the slower they will degrade. You can store cannabis seeds in a dark cupboard for several months and keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to plant your plants. For long-term storage, a second fridge is ideal. A kitchen refrigerator is not recommended because it will create too much heat and moisture, and it will cause a problem for the seeds.


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