Is Buying An Ex-Rental Car Advisable?

Buying a rental car can be confusing, and knowing all the facts is vital before handing over your hard-earned cash. Chief among these is whether buying an ex-rental car is advisable in the first place. Use this guide to help you decide.

Pros of Purchasing an Ex-Rental Car

When you purchase an ex-rental car, you get a vehicle previously used by someone else. There are several benefits to buying this type of vehicle.

Lower Prices

If you have your heart set on a particular car or model, you may find it easier to get a good deal on an ex-rental vehicle than on one that has been used for private purposes and is now being sold by its owner.

Easily Modify

When you buy ex-rental cars their rates will also decrease due to their condition. So if you are a car freak then it’s the best choice for you to modify it according to your need. You have a choice of color and add-ons like you can personalized steering wheel cover, steering wheel, off-road bumpers, wheels, headlights etc.

Many Options

Used car dealerships often have a wide selection of used cars for sale, including ex-rentals. You’ll find all kinds of makes and models, from sedans and SUVs to trucks and vans. Some used car dealers Calgary AB even offer certified pre-owned (CPO) cars that come with extended warranties.


Most dealerships offer a limited warranty on their cars and trucks. If you buy from a private seller, he or she may not be able to offer you a warranty. However, even if the seller does offer one, it may not be as comprehensive as the one offered by a dealer.

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Cons of Purchasing an Ex-Rental Car

Buying ex-rental cars can have its drawbacks, though. Therefore, you should carefully consider these drawbacks before you decide to buy one.

Heavy Usage

The biggest con of buying a former rental car is that hundreds of people have driven it. This means the vehicle has been used more than a normal car and will have more wear and tear. You may also find scratches or dents left on the vehicle, which will cost you money to fix.

Unethical Sellers

Some sellers will try to pass off a used rental car as new or one that has been driven only a few thousand miles. They may even lie about where they got the car or how much they paid. If you buy an ex-rental car without knowing its true history, you could end up with an unsafe vehicle.

High Mileage

This is one of the most common reasons buyers avoid purchasing ex-rental cars, and for good reasons. The vehicle might have been driven by many people who may have taken it on long drives or even on rough terrain. As a result, its engine may not be in perfect shape anymore and could break down anytime soon after you purchase it.

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Final Verdict

So, is buying an ex-rental car a good idea?  Ex-rental cars are generally less expensive than brand-new cars. Also, these cars boast advanced vehicle technology, so operating them is a breeze. Additionally, rental companies thoroughly clean and service their vehicles before selling them to used car dealers in Calgary, Alberta, so they’re likely well-maintained.

Still, you may want to think twice before buying an ex-rental vehicle if you’re worried about resale value or wear and tear caused by previous drivers.


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