Jimmy Kimmel Shares how diet helped him to lose 65 pounds

Jimmy Kimmel Shares how diet helped him to lose 65 pounds

If you want to know the secret to a successful weight loss journey, turn your attention to late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel. After making steady and positive changes in his diet and exercise habits, he’s been able to drop 65 pounds – that’s a lot of motivation for anyone looking to make a change! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring Jimmy Kimmel’s dieting journey and how you can use his insight to achieve your own health goals. So get ready for some inspiring words of

How did Jimmy Kimmel lose all that weight?

Jimmy Kimmel has recently opened up about struggling with his weight for decade and finally finding the motivation to take charge of his diet and fitness. Kimmel has said that simply counting calories was the key to losing 65 pounds of weight.

According to Kimmel, understanding how many calories he was consuming with each meal made all the difference in helping him lose substantial weight quickly and sustainably. His revelation came after a visit to a nutritionist who provided him with a calorie goal: start with 2,400 calories per day and adjust as needed based on how he felt during exercise.

Kimmel reported that this approach had helped him keep healthy snacks handy at all times such as fruits, protein bars, nuts and applesauce that allowed him to control his caloric intake. Additionally, Kimmel also began working out more and combined cardio exercises, such as running and biking, with strength training activities like lifting weights or performing resistance exercises.

Kimmel claims in interviews since then that this diet has worked for keeping him healthy for years by providing structure for monitoring what he eats and exercising consistently across different types of physical activity. Although it can be difficult to change eating habits drastically on one’s own due to their ingrained behavior over time, making gradual changes with support from professionals is often an effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long-term.

What is the 5.2 diet plan?

The 5.2 diet plan or “The Fast Diet” was the diet plan that comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel followed in order to lose 65 pounds. The program limits you to two non-consecutive “fast days” each week and five days of normal eating. During the fast days, calories are restricted to a total amount of 500 – 600 calories per day. Normal eating days allow you to consume a healthful mixture of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

This popular diet takes its name from the 5-2 ratio — five days of regular eating and two designated fast days each week. It can be highly effective for weight loss due to its flexible nature and efficiency at burning fat reserves. Additionally, some research suggests that intermittent fasting may offer improvements in hormone levels, metabolic rate and cardiovascular health indicators over traditional diets focused on calorie restriction alone.

Ultimately, it’s important to note that all types of diets can have varying degrees of success depending on the personalities, food preferences and willpower of each individual following them. As always, consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle habits for optimal health outcomes.

Is the 52 diet safe?

The ‘52 diet’ is a relatively new diet plan that focuses on reducing carbohydrate and caloric intake for two days out of the week, followed by five ‘normal’ (unrestricted) eating days. It’s based on research from The University of Southampton that measured changes in participants’ health after two years of fasting two days a week. Jimmy Kimmel credits the 52 diet as key to his 65-pound weight loss success.

The 52 diet is considered safe when done correctly under medical supervision, as it emphasizes healthy foods — mostly fruits and vegetables — on non-fasting days. However, some nutritionists caution against this approach because its restrictions can be difficult for individual nutritional needs. The mostly low-calorie menu can lead to unhealthy cravings that could spark a cycle of overindulgence during unrestricted eating periods. Additionally, drastically restricting calories could potentially cause nutrient deficiencies — especially if the 52 fasting protocol is not followed correctly or varied with other meals on off days.

Ultimately, it’s important to talk with your doctor before making any changes to your diet plan and weigh the potential risks against any health benefits you hope to achieve in order to make an informed decision together.

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