Keto Turkey Plate with Avocado and Cheese – Recipe

Turkey is a great way to kick off the holidays, but it doesnt have to be heavy. Here is a keto friendly turkey plate catered to those on a low carb diet.

This keto recipe makes a delicious, satisfying, and nutritious meal with a twist. The sweet potato fries are a great side to any meal and are a healthy alternative to regular potato fries. I also love the creamy avocado and melted cheese combo, it adds a lot of flavor to the dish, and is a great way to get a lot of nutrition in one serving. I hope you enjoy this keto turkey recipe as much as I do!

Because we are going to eat meat and cheese tomorrow, this is our Keto Turkey Plate with Avocado and Cheese for dinner tomorrow. This has been one of our go-to dinners when we are out and about for the past year and a half, and one that we can pull out of our bag of tricks to keep our ketogenic diet on track. It is tasty, satisfying, and, best of all, it only takes a couple of minutes to throw together.. Read more about keto turkey recipes and let us know what you think.


Turkey Keto Plate



On a platter, real food. Turkey. Avocado. Lettuce. Olive oil with cream cheese Because a keto dinner may be as simple as this.

5 mEasy



  1. Place an equal quantity of turkey, avocado, lettuce, and cream cheese on each dish, dividing the ingredients according to the serving number.

  2. Season to taste with salt and pepper after drizzling olive oil over the veggies.


Feel free to add a few of celery sticks and fill the celery grooves with cream cheese. Crunch!

Check the ingredients on deli meats before buying them since they may vary a lot. Seek guidance from the employees at your neighborhood delicatessen.

Sometimes you want to eat something delicious, but you’re too busy for cooking. That’s where a turkey plate comes in. It’s a quick and easy dish that has both lean protein and some veggies in it. It’s a great meal for the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s also great to have on hand in the summer when you’ve been hanging out indoors. And it’s simple enough that you can whip this up when you’re running out the door in the morning.. Read more about keto recipes and let us know what you think.

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