Key Tips for Selling Items That You Don’t Need Anymore

If you are selling things that you don’t need anymore, you might find yourself at a bit of a loss. However, there are a huge number of ways that you can get unwanted junk and other items off your hands. You can give them to friends and family, especially if they are kids’ toys, or you can donate items to your local thrift stores or charities and clothing banks. Alternatively, you can sell them for money; but if you want to do that, you might need some pointers on how to do it successfully. 

#1 You need to make sure that your marketing is effective

Whether this is on Facebook, eBay, or even just on sites like Vinted or Depop, making sure that you are effectively marketing what you are selling is a sure way to help it go out of the door faster. There is a very high chance that you will sell it faster if you are doing a great job of spreading the word around everywhere you can, as well as just listing it on the site. Posting it on your stories and making sure that you are talking about it to friends and family, whether it is sending them texts or other messages to simply notify them that you are selling something that they might want or even asking neighbors. 

#2 You need to make sure that ‘the price is right’ 

You are going to need to make sure that the price you are selling it for is appropriate and that you are making sure that it fits what the product is. If it is a cheap watch, sell it as a cheap watch. There is no point in trying to overprice what you’re selling, as people won’t take you seriously. You might also find that it is beneficial to keep sets such as toolkits together rather than selling the items individually, as selling them separately might be damaging to you, and you might end up earning less from it, especially if the set is a whole and quite a good brand. 

#3 You are going to need to think about how you get it to your customer

This is important, especially if you are selling bulky items or pieces of furniture. You might find that it is a better idea to invest in expert services such as freight shipping, as your items are more likely to be taken care of, and you can choose a specialist to help you with your load. This can be important if you are selling a lot and want it all delivered at the same sort of time. You might also be able to get better prices shipping by freight than many other kinds of shipping services, as well as having your items well cared for and shipped directly to where they need to go. 

#4 You are going to need to make sure that your customers are satisfied

Even if you are only selling something little and you don’t think it is worth it, you need to think about if you were buying something and it turned up promptly, the seller kept a good communication level with you throughout about ETAs, and there was even a little note in the packaging saying thank you, you would be super impressed and needless to say would recommend the seller to other buyers. 

Putting in this much energy often gives back several times over, and you should put in the effort to your items just as an extra thank you for the customer taking it off of your hands. 


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