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One of the most anticipated moments in American television history, the grandiose annual event of the Super Bowl, finally arrived. All American (and global) eyes were glued to the screen on February 11th, 2024. The 58th edition unveiled its American glory in a way only Hollywood and American entertainment celebrities could do: by going absolutely all in.

The shiny lights of Las Vegas became even brighter at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, where the San Francisco 49ers played the Kansas City Chiefs.

Coming a long way since its inception, the Super Bowl has evolved into a grand celebration of athleticism, strategy, and culture. Crowned with the Roman letters for the number 58 – LVIII, this additionally symbolized the glory of an event close to the old Roman emperor’s glory.

At CasinoOnlineCA, we understand the significance of these monumental sports events and strive to keep our players and readers informed and engaged. The Super Bowl, with its lavish halftime shows, groundbreaking advertisements, and the exhilarating competition, is a highlight of our sporting calendar. It reflects our commitment to celebrating the big moments that captivate sports fans worldwide.

CasinoOnlineCA entertainment commentators watched the Super Bowl and monitored hundreds of thousands of social media interactions to deliver in-depth star coverage for you to savour. Read on for exclusive celebrity highlights at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Halftime Show Highlights

If you need to be made aware of the glory of this event, let me break it down with a simple statistic. The 2023rd edition of the Super Bowl attracted more than 100 million viewers across the globe, and in 2024, this number was raised to 110 million! The avant-garde performances of celebrities and their presence in ads and every aspect of the show make it a true spectacle embodying the true American everyday life.

This year, Usher took center stage at Super Bowl LVIII as the heading artist, a performance we anticipated since its official announcement in September last year. He delivered an enthusiastic, electrifying performance and nothing short of purely awesome.

His setlist was a journey through his hits, designed to captivate and energize the audience. Songs like “Yeah!”, “Burn” and “OMG” reminded us why he’s a music legend. Usher’s ability to blend smooth vocals with sharp dance moves made it a halftime show to remember and a trip down memory lane for many of us.

Special Guests and Surprise Collaborations

The halftime show of Super Bowl LVIII is actually the most viewed part of the show (another fact, in case you didn’t know). And it wasn’t a one-man show but a collaborative spectacle that showcased some of the most iconic talents in the music industry alongside headliner Usher.


Reflecting on the halftime show’s surprise guest appearances, our long-time contributor James Sergest remarked that “each collaboration was a carefully curated moment designed to resonate with a diverse audience, bridging generations and genres. These unexpected pairings and the shared energy between artists truly define the Super Bowl’s halftime show as a pinnacle of live entertainment.”

  • Alicia Keys: Having a hit collaboration together, the crowd anticipated “My Boo” from the moment Alicia Keys walked the stage. Their powerful voices harmonized this power ballad as a throwback to their youthful career peak back in the 2000s and their enduring chemistry as singers and songwriters.
  • H.E.R.: Young, yet already awarded with so many accolades and crowned with a charismatic personality, when H.E.R. appeared holding a guitar, the audience was rock solid standing. Her solo on “Burn” was a standout moment, blending rock and R&B in a display of musical mastery.
  • Lil Jon and Ludacris: Reuniting for one of the biggest hits in music history, Usher was joined by the original collaborators of the “Yeah!” superhit. Lil John and Ludacris brought us back to the MTV days of 2024 when this hit dominated the charts. This performance got everyone dancing, and the lightning show spectacle brought the euphoria level to the maximum.

While the halftime show often captures the limelight at the Super Bowl, the pre-kickoff performances are also full of honor and anticipation.

This year, the Super Bowl LVIII honored Reba McEntire, Post Malone, and Andra Day by setting the stage before the main event. McEntire, tasked with performing the national anthem, stood out in an ensemble of black pants, a cream blazer, and her signature twang that moved some Kansas City Chiefs players, including Chris Jones, to tears. Her performance, marked by robust vocals and heartfelt delivery, culminated in a high note that was uniquely hers, even as the final line, “home of the brave,” was playfully overtaken by fans chanting “home of the CHIEFS.”

The stage design and lighting were in a league of their own. Innovative LED screens and pyrotechnics created an immersive experience, making every performance heard and felt.

Did the moment when the stage lit up in sync with the beats of “OMG” take your breath away too? The surprises were definitely highlighted in the entertainment area because the predictions about the Super Bowl 2024 outcomes were mostly on point, with the 49ers scoring their win.

Celebrities in Super Bowl 2024 Commercials

This year’s Super Bowl edition accentuated street fashion and pop culture, embodying the spirit of our everyday lives and the companies whose services we use through a collaboration with some of the biggest names in the spotlight.

Beyoncé for Verizon

Queen Bey teamed up with Tony Hale in a humorous and clever Verizon commercial Verizon commercial. Showcasing her comedic talent, Beyoncé tried “breaking” Verizon’s 5G network with a series of gags, including a Barbie parody and a playful presidential run announcement. The ad ended with a bang, revealing that new music is on the horizon, setting Beyoncé center stage even though she was not physically present at the game.

Jennifer Lopez for Dunkin’

In a delightful reversal of roles from last year, Jennifer Lopez was surprised as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady humorously attempted to serenade her in a recording studio. The commercial played on the trio’s Boston roots and showcased their comedic chops, proving that Dunkin’ knows how to brew up laughs alongside its coffee.

Usher for BMW

Imagine a world where everyone tries to impersonate Christopher Walken, much to the actor’s chagrin. This BMW ad brought that to life, culminating in Usher’s cameo, which humorously played on his famous “Yeah!” catchphrase.

Cardi B for NYX

Cardi B’s bold and humorous appearance in an ad for NYX cosmetics’ new lip plumper emphasizes the product’s effectiveness with her signature flair. Though the full commercial directs viewers online for more, the snippet that aired is enough to capture attention and showcase Cardi B’s charismatic screen presence.

Jennifer Hudson and Common for T-Mobil

Real-life couple Jennifer Hudson and Common joined forces in a T-Mobile ad that played on the concept of auditions. Their star-studded performance, alongside other notable celebrities like Laura Dern and Bradley Cooper (with his mother, Gloria), highlighted T-Mobile’s broad appeal and the universal desire for connection.

Lil Wayne for

Making a brief but memorable appearance, Lil Wayne added a touch of humor to’s Super Bowl debut. His question to a classroom full of kids, “Who wants to see what a hundred Gs looks like?” was a clever nod to the rapper’s lavish persona, making for a standout moment in the commercial lineup.

Ice Spice for Starry

Pepsi’s latest offering, Starry, was introduced with a splash, featuring Ice Spice moving on from her “lemon-lime ex” to the new soda’s cartoon mascots. The ad’s mix of animation and live-action, coupled with Ice Spice’s cool demeanor, made for an engaging and memorable debut for the drink.

Creed for Paramount+

Paramount+’s ad took an unexpected musical turn, with Creed providing the soundtrack to Patrick Stewart’s football skills. The commercial’s blend of humor and nostalgia, with a nod to “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Hey Arnold!”, showcased the streaming service’s diverse content roster.

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Celebrity Reactions and Interactions

Super Bowl LVIII transcended its sporting spectacle to become a convergence point for celebrities, each adding their unique sparkle to the event’s vibrant tapestry. Taylor Swift, buoyed by her connection to Travis Kelce, emerged as a social media sensation, her enthusiastic support for the Chiefs capturing widespread attention (alongside her friends Blake Lively, Lana del Ray and Ice Spice).

Though Mama B crowned the screen, father Jay Z took his two daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumi, to the show, proving to be one of the greatest father icons and music names still (not to mention the rockin’ street style).


The backstage camaraderie among Lil Jon, H.E.R., and Will. I.Am, alongside appearances from Kim Kardashian and the surprising sight of Kanye West and Bianca Censori, underscored the event’s magnetic pull.

Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and other big celebrities like Flea, the popular guitarist from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, were also among the celebrity crowd of the Super Bowl’s fusion of entertainment, sports and industry giants.


The Super Bowl LVIII not only showcased the pinnacle of athletic competition but also served as a runway for high fashion meets casual attire, reflecting the current blend of street fashion trends sweeping across the USA. The stands and sidelines were a vibrant palette of fashion statements, with a noticeable prevalence of bold colours and designer logos, blending effortlessly with the laid-back, casual chic that defines American street style.

As the curtains fall on Super Bowl LVIII, it’s clear that the event is much more than a sports game. It’s a definition of a cultural phenomenon that celebrates excellence in sports, music and fashion.

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