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The Glittery Wheel of Happiness | is a blog about making the most of your life, and is a place to share stories about making the most of your life. It’s about happiness, and how to be happy.

Imagine a world where glittering wheel of happiness was an actual wheel of happiness. Where you could use it to spin and transform any world into the glittery world of happiness. That world exists. It’s called the Glittery Wheel of Happiness.

The PN coaches have been very active recently. We’ve been debating our objectives. We’re delving into our Purpose with a capital P. Then breaking those objectives down into tasks that correspond to their accomplishment.

It’s all part of the process of pushing ourselves to our limits and then peering over the brink. And it’s similar to what our Lean Eating and Scrawny to Brawny customers do:

  1. determine what is really important;
  2. Figure out who we really want to be, and then go for it.
  3. Find a way to get there.

How can we not only be better coaches for our customers, but also how can this coaching bring us closer to our own values and Purpose?

It’s a simple question with a difficult solution.

Making my objectives more game-like

Big Coach Krista Scott-Dixon just handed the ball to the PN coaching staff and asked:

“How can you make your work seem more like a game or a sport for a day?” How can you create the ideal coaching day by bringing your own special brand of awesomeness to the table?”

This looked like a large request to a rookie coach. I spend a lot of time checking off all the boxes on my to-do list, questioning if I’m doing everything correctly, and trying to find a balance between being enough and doing too much.

I love my job, but let’s be honest: being a Lean Eating coach can be a lot of work at times. What more could I possible do that I haven’t done already? I pondered.

Therein lays the solution:

“Make certain that my job isn’t constantly strenuous. Make it enjoyable!”

I had just finished watching Shawn Achor’s TedTalk. On his Facebook page, Big Boss Dr. Berardi suggested this video.

Shawn’s presentation astounded me. With pleasure and humour, he presented a slew of studies demonstrating that our brains work best when we are happy, not negative or even neutral.

He showed how pleasure is the fuel for hard effort and achievement, rather than the result of hard work and success.

All of a sudden, all of the lights in my brain turned on. How might I combine my wit, optimism, and ingenuity to create something that encourages me to put “happiness first”?

Surprisingly, the first thing that sprang to mind was glitter. Glitter is required.


The Glittery Happiness Wheel (thanks to LE client Amanda Wolf for the photo editing)

Adding glitz to my objectives

I spent a whole Sunday day making The Glittery Wheel of Happiness (or GWH) out of a file-box top, paints, and, of course, magical glitter.

I looked out directions for building the spinner on the internet and got some fancy numbers and a nice pointer image.

It’s not perfect, but I had a lot of fun creating it and imagining how it might aid me in my goal.

Let’s fast forward to Monday morning, when it’s time for Game Day. This was the day I’d put the GWH to the test and see if it could help me have the greatest coaching day of my life.

What is the strategy? I would just stop and spin the wheel whenever I felt tight, weary, or my brow scrunching in the way it does when I’m trying to rescue the world.

Each number on the GWH corresponds to a series of fun, fantastic activities that I devised to help me get into a more optimistic mindset.

Some of the activities are a bit more serious, such as #6: “Stand in front of a mirror and say something extremely significant to yourself without speaking.”

Some are almost instructive, such as #1, which says, “Go to and learn how to express ‘I am great’ in a different language.” Every morning, repeat this to yourself.”

Others are rather insane, like as #5, which says, “Practice your movie laugh; watch this for ideas.”

What was the source of all the potential tasks? I made them up again, which was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday night. For each number, I devised three activities, resulting in 36 amusing, provocative, and mind-altering methods to be immediately happy.

I put forth a lot of effort into it. It didn’t feel like work, however. Plus, someone is paying me to do this “work” — to play with glitter, put together a makeshift spinner, and come up with hundreds of ways to feel and be great!!

I’d certainly found my stride. It seems that the GWH was already at work on me before I even started spinning.

By the way, Game Day was a tremendous success.

As usual, I seemed to check all of my boxes, but I also appeared to speak more freely, connect to people more compassionately, and simply feel more successful as a coach and as a human being.

At a coaching meeting the next week, I told my colleagues about my joyful experiment, creating a new level of goofiness in me that they hadn’t seen before. This assignment, I believe, proves that I am now officially “out of my shell.”

Putting your happiness to work for you

Are you a hard worker who puts in long hours? Do you ever feel drained, as if you need to “check out” or “change gears”? Do you want to make your job more enjoyable, interesting, and appealing? Or maybe you simply need some inspiration on how to get yourself out of the “forever frustrated” rut?

The GWH, on the other hand, may be just what you’re looking for. It’s also completely free! (OK, $1.99 for a smidgeon of glitter.) Make your own happiness-inducing activities, assign numbers to them, and spin the wheel.

We frequently become solemn and scrunchy-faced in pursuit of our objectives. We are no longer having fun. The simple pleasure. The performance. As a consequence, we lose our mental mojo as well. We end up working less successfully as a result of working harder.

We can do amazing things by harnessing happiness, joy, and our brain’s inherent creative and playful energy. And here’s the best part: you already possess this energy. Right down to your brain cells, you’re wired for it. Evolution, thank you!

Even — and maybe particularly — when it comes to physical changes, the GWH taught me that putting pleasure first can actually drive greater achievement. This is something I’ve seen firsthand with my own customers. If they first learn to be joyful, physical change will almost certainly follow. I’ll also reveal additional GWH-inspired secrets from PN clients in future blog articles.

In my case, I’ve just started a new job. Yes, I’m still a Lean Eating advocate. However, I’ve just appointed myself as Director of Happiness. I also like the view from my workplace.

We’re sure you’re itching to spin it.

Is the wheel’s glistening charm piqueing your interest? If that’s the case, check out our Facebook page on Friday, April 13th. You’ll get the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

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I love glitter. The sparkle, the shine, the little crumbs that end up in your mouth after you’ve been eating dinner for a few hours. Sometimes, I need to touch things, too. Just to make sure they aren’t going to pinch me. Sometimes, I need to hold things, to make sure they aren’t going to fall apart. Sometimes, I need to change things, to make them new.. Read more about how many seasons of glitter force are there and let us know what you think.

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