Top 10 Coquitlam flower ideas for your loved one

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Flowers are the sign of love, care, sympathy as well as sorrow. We exchange flowers on every occasion, including at weddings while visiting a sick person or when we propose to our lover as well as at a funeral. An example would be flowers Australia on every occasion whenever you need them. There are many different types of flowers. Each type of flower and each color symbolizes different occasions. Following is the description of the different colors of flowers:

Red flowers:

Red flowers are a sign of love and beauty. We exchange red flowers for showing our love for our loved ones.

White flowers:

White flowers are exchanged to show sympathy for a person on the loss of his child, as the white color signifies peace and purity, and innocence.

Yellow flowers:

Yellow color is the sign of hope and the beginning of new life. We usually present yellow flowers to our friends to show our warmth, love, and care for them.

Pink flowers:

Pink is the sign of femininity, and pink flowers are given to a person who has lost a woman in his life.

Purple flower:

Purple flowers are meant to be given to family members to show our loyalty and care for them.

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Top 10 Coquitlam Flower Ideas:

This article is going to describe the ten best flower options in Coquitlam. If you face difficulty in choosing flowers every time you go to the flower shop to buy flowers for your loved ones, then you no more need to worry as Frans Flowers shop Coquitlam is there to solve this query. There are a lot of Flower shops in Coquitlam, but we guide you to choose flowers according to the occasion. Here are the top 10 flower ideas according to the occasion:

Flowers to show sympathy:

There are a lot of flower options available in the flower shop Coquitlam for sympathy bouquets. As mentioned earlier, white color is a sign of sympathy, so we suggest you buy white flowers to show your sympathy for your loved ones. There are a lot of options in white flowers like Peace lilies, white carnations, white roses, and white daisies are often displayed in these bouquets.

Flowers for Mothers:

Mother is a very special person in someone’s life, so no flower can match the greatness of a mother. However, there are some special flowers which Frans flowers Coquitlam shop suggests you for your mother. Among those flowers, daylilies are the best one that symbolizes motherhood. We suggest you make a bouquet of lilies of every color like white, pink, orange and yellow with some red roses to show your love and care for your mother.

Flowers for Fathers:

Coquitlam flowers suggest you roses for your father as roses symbolize father’s day. But still, there is a huge list of flowers available at our shop which you can give your father.

Flowers for Funerals:

As a funeral is an occasion to remember the life of our deceased loved one so flowers for the funeral must be a special one. Coquitlam flower shop provides you with a list of funeral flowers, including roses, daisies, snapdragons, lilies, and mums.

Flowers for couples:

The relationship of husband and wife is such a beautiful relation in the world, so Frans flower shop Coquitlam suggests very special flowers for couples like Peony, which explicitly symbolizes marriage. Furthermore, you can choose among roses, lilac, and tulip for your partner to show your love and affection. If you would like to preserve the flowers, dried floral arrangements in Melbourne are an option you can choose for a unique style of keeping the memories lasts.

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Flowers for Girlfriends/ Boyfriend:

As far as the flowers for the boyfriend are concerned, we recommend you to buy red roses and Daisies for him as these are the sign of love and care. And if you talk about bouquets for girlfriends, you can pick among tulips, lilac, red roses, and Orchids, depending upon the event. For example, if you want to say sorry to her, buy a white tulip, and if you want to show your love and care, buy a red tulip, violet lilac, or red roses.

Flowers for a sick person:

The illness of a person can make him dull and hopeless, so Coquitlam flowers recommend you bring flowers for the sick person while visiting him. For ill people, you can buy Daisies which represent positivity, Gardenias which are a sign of hope and protection, and Orchids which symbolize new beginnings.

Flowers for kids:

Kids are flowers themselves, but yes, you can give them flowers too to show how much you love and care for them. For kids, you must buy some eye-catching flowers like sunflowers and to show their innocence you must buy white lilies.

Flowers for Friends:

If you are looking for flowers for your friend, then don’t overthink the Coquitlam flower shop and suggest you buy yellow roses for him as yellow roses represent friendship.

Flowers for teachers:

Teachers are also special people in our lives who help us to achieve our dreams. We must say thanks to them by sending some beautiful flowers to them. We suggest you make a bouquet of white and yellow lilies paired with purple Iris for your respected teacher.


There are a lot of flower shops in Coquitlam, but you would find Frans flowers shop Coquitlam is the best among all as we offer you the best services. We suggest you flowers according to your occasion and according to the person to whom you are offering flowers at the best affordable prices in the town.

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