Vegan Sour Cream Whole Foods?

A vegan sour cream is an emulsion of dairy milk, vegetable fat and water. The recipe consists of just two ingredients: a non-dairy milk base and butter or oil.

Is Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing vegan?

Trader Joes is a grocery store chain that sells vegan and vegetarian food. The companys dress code states that employees must wear business casual attire, which includes denim, khakis, and button-up shirts.

What drinks are vegan at Taco Bell?

The following drinks are vegan at Taco Bell:
– Agua Fresca
– Blackberry Iced Tea
– Cantaloupe Fruit Cup
– Cucumber Watermelon Cooler
– Fruit Punch
– Grapefruit Cooler
– Orange Juice

What ice cream is dairy free?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many different types of ice cream. Some dairy free options include soy, almond, coconut, and rice milk based ice creams.

What yogurts are vegetarian?

There are many vegetarian yogurts on the market, but some of them contain honey or other animal products. Here is a list of some popular brands that are vegan:

-Earth Balance
-Follow Your Heart
-Kite Hill
-Miyokos Kitchen

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