What is the Price of a Blog Article on a Netlinking Platform?

Netlinking is experiencing unprecedented development since websites need an optimal presence and visibility on the web. For example, we can quote online casino websites, like 20Bet, as there are so many that every one of them needs to be more visible. This is why the sale of blog articles on net linking platforms has become more widespread.

It is indeed an effective strategy to increase traffic to your website and thus increase sales. But in this case, how much does a blog post cost on a net linking platform? Is this investment profitable or average? Focus on how blog article sales and purchases work to understand how net linking platforms work.

Focus on the Rates Charged by Netlinking Platforms

It is not easy to give the exact price since it varies according to several parameters. These include the quality of the desired article, the number of words, and the type of article. It, therefore, depends on the cost you agree with the net linking platform that will collaborate with you. However, it is possible to give an idea of the purchase price of an item based on the average price offered by the different platforms. Indeed, in general, the purchase price of an article in terms of net linking starts at 20 € and can amount to thousands of euros, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer. The prices vary from one net linking platform to another, knowing that the offers and the platform’s reputation play a decisive role.

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However, you need to know that it is not because an article is expensive that it will necessarily be relevant and of superior quality. A better-quality blog post costs less than a low-quality backlink and content. All this is to tell you that you should not rely at first sight on the price of the items offered by a net linking platform. Instead, it is in your best interest to rely on the quality of the items delivered. If these satisfy you, it’s up to you to see if you want to collaborate long-term.

Our Advice for Choosing a Net Linking Platform for the Purchase of Blog Articles

Depending on the needs of each site, the purchase price of an item can vary enormously on net linking platforms. You can get an idea of the level of competition in Google search results with the targeted keywords and the issues on your site. If you need to insert a competitive keyword, the article must be well-worked on SEO and/or natural referencing.

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Therefore, the realization of many backlinks is necessary. To make your job easier and buy articles optimized to meet your needs and requirements, use a platform that stands out in terms of the number of sites for net linking. Moreover, if you are dealing with a reliable platform, you will need to be able to consult its various services in its catalog.

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