What You Should Know About Organic Maple Syrup


You may not know it, but . Organic maple syrup comes with a myriad of health benefits. From reducing inflammation to providing essential nutrients to the body, learn why organic maple syrup is a superfood you should add to your daily diet. If you’re looking for an organic food store, you might want to check out maple syrup. Here’s what you should know about organic maple syrup.

Organic Certification

Organic maple syrup is the process of certifying that food products are grown and processed in accordance with the standards established by an organic certification body. Organic maple syrup is just one type of food that carries this label and means that it was produced from organic-certified ingredients, free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and other artificial growth agents.

When purchasing organic maple syrup, be sure to double check the label for this certification to guarantee you’re getting the real deal.

Organic maple syrup must come from a certified organic producer who is subject to annual inspections, random sampling and internal compliance monitoring. In order for a producer to meet these standards and receive an organic certificate, their farms have strict guidelines covering the production methods used in growing all ingredients – including fertilizers, pest control measures employed, soil management systems and harvest time windows – as well as rigorous testing processes at every stage of production.

Beyond simply being chemical-free or natural, organic production also requires careful tracking of chemical residues on fruits/vegetables intended for use in processing; this includes fertilizers that are specifically approved by a certifying agent. All of these standards taken together assure customers that their maple syrup is pure and has been produced according to strict health and environmental standards.

When you’re shopping for maple syrup – quality does matter! By purchasing certified organic brands like those stamped with an official label from Canada’s Organic Products Regulation (OPR), you can rest assured knowing your product is genuine due to its strict adherence to high quality standards outlined under government legislated rules.

Sourcing Organic Maple Syrup

Choosing the right maple syrup can be an intimidating task, but knowing what to look for can help you make a more informed decision. When it comes to sourcing organic maple syrup, there are a few key factors to consider:

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  1. Is the tap or source where the sap is collected certified organic? Many producers of organic maple syrup have certification seals on their labels that indicate that the product has been verified and meets organic standards set by accredited certifying bodies.
  2. Verify that the product has not been blended with any non-organic substances such as corn syrup or artificial flavorings. Organic maple syrup should be processed without any preservatives or additives and only contain 100% pure maple sap from sustainably managed forests.
  3. Consider where your maple syrup is sourced from and whether it supports small-scale businesses. Buying locally produced products helps support small businesses as well as protects our environment from large-scale deforestation practices associated with mass production of maple syrup.
  4. When choosing an organic brand of maple syrup its always important to read the label carefully for nutrition information and allergen warnings.

With an increasing number of options for finding organic maple syrup on store shelves today, take your time selecting one that best fits your needs!

Taste Test

When it comes to deciding which type of organic maple syrup is right for your taste buds, there’s no better way than to do a taste test. To give you the chance to find which maple syrup producer suits you best, get in contact with some of the local producers or suppliers in your area, who often offer tasting opportunities. As a result, this will allow you to sample a variety of brands and map out all the different flavor profiles that the producer offers for each type of organic maple syrup.

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Alternatively, taking advantage of any chance you can get going out to area farmers markets or specialty stores can be an excellent way to taste test different types of organic maples syrups from leading Canadian producers and decide which one satisfies your pallet. This way you can compare and contrast several samples at once which is not only convenient but also cost-efficient compared to ordering each sample online separately.

Moreover, ask around for friends and family recommendations for their favorite makers and suppliers as well as taking note of what other review websites have on their list when choosing organic maple syrups. All this information gathered together is invaluable when deciding on what type complements your dishes in terms of flavor profile at a reasonable price point!

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