Why Take CBD Oil Under the Tongue?


CBD tincture and oils are among the most popular administration methods. We’ve witnessed many forms of CBD applications come and go, while CBD oil has remained a pillar of the majority of cannabinoid hemp businesses.

The reason why CBD oil has remained a favorite way to use CBD is because of how it is administered. Oil is safe, effective, and efficient compared to other forms of CBD products. In this post, we will cover why tincture continues to be the method of choice for many CBD users.

Using CBD Oil by Mouth

CBD tincture is designed to be taken by mouth and dissolved under the tongue. A common mistake by first-time CBD users is swallowing the oil. Not allowing the extract to dissolve under the tongue is inefficient and wasteful.

In addition, sending CBD to the digestive tract delays effects. This is because our stomachs don’t offer a direct path to the bloodstream, where CBD can be distributed throughout the body.

As a CBD user, you want to deliver your product to the bloodstream as quickly as possible. This allows for maximum bioavailability and leads to the highest chance to experience the benefits of CBD.

Why Use CBD Droplets Under Tongue?

A mucosal membrane exists in our mouths, under our tongues, and along our cheeks. Utilizing this part of your mouth for delivery is called sublingual administration. The membrane under the tongue provides a relatively direct path to the bloodstream, where your CBD can be distributed throughout your body.

Sublingual administration is highly efficient compared to other forms of CBD products. The method is also safe and easy to deploy. However, while sublingual CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to deliver CBD, some people don’t like the strong, earthy taste. As a result, many CBD companies offer flavored CBD oil to make the process more appealing.

How to Take CBD Tincture Under Tongue

Taste is a relevant concern for CBD users because keeping the CBD oil in your mouth for at least 30 seconds is recommended. This amount of time is sufficient to allow the extract to dissolve under the tongue and into the bloodstream.

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The first step in taking CBD tincture under your tongue is determining your ideal dose. We recommend starting with a small amount (10-20mg) and working your way up over time. Next, administer your dose and allow the liquid to dissolve as completely as possible. 30-60 seconds is typically enough time.

Allowing as much CBD oil to dissolve under your tongue is the best way to deliver CBD to your bloodstream safely.

Advantages of Taking CBD Oil Under Tongue

Sublingual administration offers high absorption without any severe side effects. Smoking CBD flowers or vaping leads to a higher bioavailability rate, but inhaling hot smoke can present serious health complications. CBD oil remains the most effective way to use CBD without any adverse consequences.

Do You Swallow CBD Tincture?

As we mentioned, a common mistake made by first-time CBD users is swallowing CBD oil. When you fail to use CBD oil sublingually, you miss the opportunity to deliver the oil to the bloodstream and send it to your digestive tract.

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Once in the stomach, the liver must process the extract before it is absorbed into your bloodstream.

Finding Premium Sublingual CBD Oil

If you are looking for high-quality CBD oil to use sublingually, make sure you find a reputable company that offers third-party lab tests. Brands like Charlotte’s Web CBD put their products through a rigorous testing protocol to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals and contain the advertised cannabinoid potency levels.

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