Winter Cheeseboard 101 –

Snowy weather means good ol’ fashioned cheese. But what are you supposed to do with it? Keep it in the fridge or eat it fresh? Well, if you are willing to do some DIY, you can have both. Here is a step-by-step guide to the best way to store cheese ahead of time, with an extra step of how to make smoked cheese.

The cheeseboard is a wonderful invention that allows people to eat a variety of different cheeses, while keeping them all in reach. It’s a brilliant way to enjoy a range of tasty cheeses in one sitting, with the benefit of keeping them all contained in one handy tray. There are two varieties of the cheeseboard, the classic version that sits on your table, with all the cheeses lined up neatly in front of you, and the portable version that sits in the fridge, with the cheeses all in one place.

Look, I’m not just another food blogger, I’m a cheeseboard blogger. And trust me, being the cheeseboard blogger is a full-time job. To help you get started I’ve written a handy guide to the best cheeseboards to put in your survival kit, so you can have a tasty treat in your hand when you need it most.

The term ‘winter cheeseboard’ is a bit of a misnomer since this is a great party food, not just for Christmas Eve but for any night of the year. When you are looking to plan a cheese party, you need to know what cheeses you can use and what will go with what. The best cheeses for winter, in terms of taste and texture, are: Cheddar: for many people, cheddar is the king of cheeses, and is well suited to cheese boards, especially in the winter. It melts well and complements other cheeses such as Gruyere. If you’re serving onion and chutney, then cheddar is the cheese to use to achieve the right level of. Read more about cheese board delivery and let us know what you think.

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