Your Pet Needs to Stay Safe During The Holiday Season – The Necessary Tips to Consider

Your holiday is an exciting and busy time. And your pet might be one of the things that you have on your mind. And while most pets are adaptable during the holidays, there might be some holiday hassles that you need to keep an eye on so that the season is fun and safe for all. That way, you and your pet stay safe and healthy. It is important to keep in mind that having pet insurance could save your pets life if there was ever an emergency, so it’s highly recommended to look out for the best cover for your pet, to help when they are most in need.

From the Christmas trees to the holiday baking, your house can transform from a typical environment filled with sounds, sights, and smells, which will have the cat or the dog ready to investigate. There is no need to blame them for getting curious. However, you may implement the correct holiday pet safety steps to ensure that they don’t get meddled in anything, which can result in a vet visit when you are on holiday.

Also, this article will explore some of the standard holiday dangers around the house and provide you with Christmas holiday security tips to ensure your furry friend is secure and merry during this holiday season. Are you ready to find out more?

The Toxic Seasonal Plants

The majority of people love to decorate with festive holiday plants. Some famous seasonal plants are off the limits for dogs and cats, and few can be holiday dangers for pets. Non-toxic plants can lead to some crucial gastrointestinal issues when they get ingested. Some of the standard plants that are dangerous on holiday include:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Azaleas
  • Holly
  • Lily
  • Evergreens
  • Mistletoe
  • Amaryllis
  • Juniper
  • Ivy

When you make pet safety your objective, it can be wise to move away from the holiday plants altogether and opt for a pet-friendly Christmas. At times, consider Poinsettias, which are the least toxic plant that is there on the list. It is shallow in toxicity and can lead to irritation in your mouth and stomach, leading to vomiting.

The Candles and Fires Don’t Mix Correctly With Pets

Your holiday house for pets can be secure and lovely. The glow of the candles and the warm fireplaces usually evoke holiday memories. However, when it comes to roasting chestnuts on an open fire can pose to be a severe risk for curious and playful pets. Luckily, you can enjoy the ambiance of the candles and fires as you stay mindful of pet security.

You should keep the candles away from reach so the pet doesn’t knock them over or brush past you. You can make use of a very secure fireplace screen. You snuff out the candles and then douse the fireplace embers before leaving the pet to get unattended.

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The Lethal Decorations

A few decorations, such as toys and curious pets, need to get used with supervision and caution. The other shiny tinsel and stringy ornaments must be watched closely and averted when you get a cat. It can sometimes result in internal blockages when one ingests it.

The pets might also get tangled in the decorations and have the scope to hurt or strangle them. It would help if you considered that most ornaments are breakable and fragile. And here, the playful kitten and the curious puppy can knock it down, leaving the sharp shards on the floor.

The Small Decorations That Appear Like Toys

You need to beware of all the tiny decorations that can get swallowed, along with any edible ornament like yeast dough ornaments and popcorn strings. You can select durable wood, plastic, or metal ornaments on the glass ornaments, which can leave shards or get broken. Here the artificial spray-on snow is highly toxic and need not get used anywhere they can.

As you decorate, you must keep the pets occupied with your best new toy and favorite treat. It can help curb the pet’s desire to chase or bat the decorations as you shuffle them around your house. The secure method here is to isolate the pet from the places where you decorate it. It would help if you kept the decorations from floating in and around the house. It will urge the curious pet to start investigating.

You Must Skip the Tinsel

A considerable holiday danger for pets, especially cats, is tinsel or ribbon. The cats often love chewing on these items. But, if they ingest it, all these items can get caught up in the intestines, resulting in intestinal blockage. And all of a sudden, the fun holiday decoration can result in emergency surgery. It is not a way to spend the holidays for you or your furry friend. Just in case your cat eats on these things, you need to aver any decoration that comes with them. And at the very least, you can decorate the spots where your pet doesn’t get into.

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Gifts Might Be Tempting

Your holiday is not complete without the deep bows and presents wrapped beneath the tree! All edible gifts, like candies, chocolate, and baking, shouldn’t be accessible. All the liquor, coffee, chocolate, and other people’s foods can be highly toxic for pets. Your cat might pick on the soaps and the scented candles and mistake them for nutrition. Therefore, you should keep all the gifts tucked away securely. You have to ensure that the pet’s security is essential on this day.

It is tough to stop the temptation of wrapping presents and let them unwrap the same during Christmas morning; all the bows, ribbons, and wrapping paper can cause harm as and when you ingest it. The stripes comprise wires, which can puncture and lead to blockages when swallowed.

You need to monitor the Christmas pets very closely so they don’t eat anything from the wrapping materials. Also, ensure that the scraps are discarded or away from their reach. It is this way; you can enjoy unwrapping the presents without worrying that your pet will get into trouble.

And it is always a great idea to offer your pet something to distract them as you and other family members open the presents. You can get a long-lasting chew which can keep the dog very busy. The kitten can benefit from the catnip and the puzzle for keeping the eyes and the mind away from the exciting present opening section of the festivity day.

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The Dangers Cords Bring

Everywhere during the holiday season, you will find electrical cords. It would help if you kept all the cords from chewing the pets by tapping them to the walls, thereby making use of the cord protectors and hiding it beneath the furniture. You can also hide it under the carpets and the tree skirt.

The indoor repellants and taste deterrents can keep the pets from chewing the electrical cords and place them away from the trees and other decorations. You can unplug the decorations when you are not home so that you are safe. And when you leave them alone, all the pets chew on the wires. Therefore, it is necessary to quarantine it away from all these places in the house.

Finally, you must remember that holiday stress isn’t just for people. Even your pets can be under acute stress. You should keep things as consistent as possible to ease stress for any cat or dog. And during the busy schedule, you should keep the pet mealtimes and the exercise as routine as you want to. Try out the automatic feeders and toys to keep you on schedule. Ensure that you have some time reserved for your pet. It could be a walk in the snowy streets, or you might be cuddling on the couch; your pet will love it all. It would help if you were careful about your pet’s time alone.

Is your home more busy than usual? Ensure that the pet has quiet time for retreating. And even when your pet acts as if it is the center of attention, you should provide him some quiet time to relax. Most pets suffer from acute anxiety. You must opt for calming remedies and exercise to ease the tension in such a situation.

It would help if you learned how the dog could manage their anxiety so they don’t get stressed out. The holiday season will have a lot for you to manage and address. Therefore, you need to know these tactics to manage your pet’s safety better. When you implement the above steps, you will find it easier to manage your pet. Pay attention to your pet’s reaction. If you ever find that your pet is in discomfort, you should take him to the vet immediately. Most dogs cannot deal with stress and anxiety. Hence, you need to take better care of your dog.

What are you waiting for? Start planning for the festivities. Just make sure that you consider all the essential factors. If your dog is allergic to anything, you should speak with the vet and keep the medicine handy if he falls sick, so you know which treatment to give him. Whatever queries you have, feel free to discuss them with the vet immediately. Your dog is an integral part of your life.

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