Greens are healthy and full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But for many, the color itself is already a turn-off, and for some, it’s an acquired taste, especially for arugula and kale, which has a more robust flavor than other greens. Greens are a necessary part of one’s diet; they can reduce the risk of […]

Although it is best to prepare fresh food, sometimes we have to prepare stored food, especially if we like to eat some kinds of food that are out of season, like strawberries in December. With deep freezers and all the technology we have, nothing is impossible. The most important thing is that we store food […]

Having a food business can be extremely lucrative if properly managed. That is why a lot of people dream of running a food business of their own. Unfortunately, starting a food business takes a lot of effort and time. First, you’ve got to create a comprehensive business plan that includes the initial budget, workforce, brand […]

If you have friends, colleagues, family, or anyone invited to come over, you want to give them the best. No need to fret because we’ve got you the mixed drinks you can make with simple steps and ingredients, to save time and, at the same time, impress your guests. Bloody Mary A bloody mary drink […]

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