A Guide to Creating a Farmhouse Styled Kitchen


Farmhouse design styles are alluring for their timeless charm and cosy ambience. Focusing on the heart of your home, the kitchen, with this design in mind allows you to create a warm space. Farmhouse styled kitchens blend traditional elements with modern comforts. Evoking simplicity and rustic elegance.

Embrace Natural Materials  

The cornerstone of farmhouse interior design is the celebration of natural materials that come with it. Think about exposed wooden beams on the ceiling or reclaimed wood accents that can further enhance the rustic appeal. You can incorporate natural stone like granite or marble into your kitchen through your countertops, too.

Don’t forget about your floors either. You can choose solid wood flooring with rich, warm tones or weathered finishes to add character to your kitchen. Although, if that exceeds your budget, vinyl flooring is a cost-effective solution. It can replicate the appearance of natural materials like stone or wood and is exceptionally durable too.  

Choose a Neutral Palette

Farmhouse kitchens typically feature a neutral colour palette that takes inspiration from nature. Think whites, creams, beiges and soft greys, which serve as the perfect backdrop for rustic elements to shine through.  

Consider painting your cabinets in a classic white or light grey hue. Creating a clean and airy feel! You could then pair them with brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze hardware for a hint of vintage charm.  

Invest in Quality Cabinetry

Strangely, cabinetry has enough influence to make or break a farmhouse kitchen design.  

You can do a lot with your cabinets. Opting for solid wood ones with a distressed finish to achieve that sought-after weathered look. Alternatively, open shelving allows you to display your favourite dishes and cookware; using decorative items to fill in any space. Glass doors on your cabinetry let you display your dishes too if you’re not fond of having no doors.  

While white is a classic colour choice for this design, don’t be afraid to add pops of colour to your cabinets. Consider soft greens, blues or greys to support the rustic feel and add some personality.  

Incorporate Vintage Accents

You’ll want to evoke a sense of nostalgia and history to truly replicate this farmhouse style. Incorporating vintage accents will help with this! Look for antique light fixtures that give off an old-world charm, such as wrought iron chandeliers or pendant lights with glass shades.  


Other vintage-inspired appliances can act as focal points, while proving modern functionality. Think about a retro-style range cooker or farmhouse sink.

 Add Texture and Dimensions  

There are many ways to incorporate texture into your farmhouse kitchen. You can incorporate elements like shiplap walls, beadboard panelling or even subway tile backsplashes. Giving your space visual interest and depth. Don’t forget about layering textiles either. Think about woven rugs, linen curtains and upholstered seating to soften the look and add warmth.  

Create a Cosy Gathering Spot  

As the heart of the home, kitchens are synonymous with hospitality and socialising.  

You should consider creating a cosy seating area where family and friends can eat together. Think about a built-in banquette with plush cushions or a farmhouse-style dining table with mismatched chairs. If you have a dining room for that, then you could consider stools around an island or counter or even a small table. Allowing you to chat as you cook.

Personalise with Vintage Finds  

It’s important to make any space, especially your farmhouse kitchen, feel unique and yours. You can do this by incorporating personal touches and vintage finds that reflect your personality and style.  


Look for one-of-a-kind treasures at markets and antique shops. Keep your eyes peeled for vintage signage, rustic crates or old-fashioned kitchen tools. Infusing your space with character and charm.  

Focus on Functionality  

While aesthetic is important, you can’t neglect functionality.  

Investing in high-quality appliances and fixtures not only complement the design, but they also meet your practical needs. You should incorporate ample storage solutions, such as built-in pantry cabinets and drawer organisers. Having a kitchen island also helps to keep your space organised and clutter-free, coming with more storage space and counterspace for you to prep your meals.  

Finish with Thoughtful Details  

You need to pay attention to the finishing touches that tie the entire farmhouse style together. Think about crown moulding, decorative corbels or beadwork trim to add some refinement to the architecture. Display vintage-inspired artwork, family heirlooms or handmade items like pottery to add a distinctive and personal touch. Creating a story within your decoration.  

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