13 Ways Magnetic Screen Doors Can Boost Your Home’s Security

Are you looking for ways to improve your home’s security but don’t want to sacrifice easy access? Magnetic screen doors are the ideal solution! Not only are these doors stylish, but they also provide a secure and convenient way for you to enjoy the outdoors.

In this blog, we look at 13 ways magnetic screen doors can boost your home’s security.

Here are 13 ways in which installing a magnetic screen door can help boost your home’s security:

Increased Visibility:

The installation of a magnetic screen door allows for increased visibility into and out of your home from the exterior. Unlike traditional doors, the mesh material of the screen is transparent, allowing you to see what or who is in front of it before opening your door from the interior.

This means that you can decide quickly and safely if opening your main door is in your best interests. Additionally, with increased visibility of the exterior surrounding your door, few would suspect that a stronger security measure exists hidden behind it.

Protection from Insects:

Magnetic screen doors work in tandem with a bug closed to provide an almost impenetrable barrier from pests. Insects have a much harder time entering than conventional screen doors, allowing all the fresh air to come in without any unwanted buzzing visitors.

This is perfect for all seasons — equipping your home with this type of door also keeps out pollen during allergy season and prevents you from having to continuously spray chemical insect sprays in order to repel bugs naturally.

In addition, the high-grade mesh used by most magnetic screen doors is much sturdier than typical fiberglass or bristle screens, providing extra protection against beetles, moths and other flying critters while still lets fresh air flow through the area.

Keeps Pets Inside:

If you have pets, a magnetic screen door can help keep them inside your house while still allowing fresh air in. The magnets will prevent them from pushing or nudging their way out when the door is open, keeping them safe and secure indoors where they belong.

Magnetic screen doors are not only useful for keeping out insects, they are also great for pet owners. Many pets can be too stubborn to keep inside and a pet door isn’t always enough to prevent them from sneaking out. Pet owners have the option of installing a magnetic screen door which features powerful magnets that keep the pet from pushing the net open.

The durability of the mesh used in magnetic screen doors is perfect for containing pets indoors while still allowing fresh air to flow through. Now, you don’t need to worry about your pet being tempted by outside smells and running away or maybe even worse, with years of use your home doesn’t even need replacing like regular wood/fiber/vinyl screens do due to their wear and tear!

The Magnetic Screen Door comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures that any door pet damage won’t end up costing you important money; which is something we all need during trying times like these!

Easy Access for You:

One of the greatest benefits of using a magnetic screen door is being able to quickly and easily open up your home. With traditional doors, you need to fumble around with a key, or if you have an automated system installed, there can be lengthy procedures involved in opening them.

With the installation of a magnetic screen door, all that’s required to gain entry into your home is an easy pull on the handle – much easier than traditional methods! With options such as Walk-Go-Lock™ Technology available (see our compatibility guide for more information) you can also rest assured that when not in use, your magnetic screen door will remain securely locked via a triple magnetically sealed locking system.

Prevents Unauthorized Entry:

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Magnetic screen doors can provide a distinct advantage when it comes to keeping unauthorized guests from entering your home. The magnetic seam of the screen door not only keeps out bugs but also stops would-be intruders or unwelcome visitors.

If you have a young child, magnetic screen doors are especially valuable in deterring them from attempting to open the regular door and go outside unsupervised. Additionally, with magnetic screen doors installed around your main entryway, you can more easily identify people who come to your property without having to physically open the door. This makes it easier for homeowners to keep tabs on who is entering their home and prevents any uninvited people from doing so.

Added Layer of Protection Against Forced Entry:

Adding a magnetic screen door to your home provides an additional layer of protection against forced entry. The magnetic screen door is designed for easy installation and is made from high-strength PVC and reinforced with a galvanized steel mesh that cannot be cut or torn by an intruder. The powerful magnetic closure system creates a secure seal, while the interior non-slip mat prevents the door from slamming shut suddenly.

This adds an effective extra layer of protection against theft and burglary, as it makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your home through a closed window or door. Additionally, this extra layer of protection gives you peace of mind while you are away from your home as it will alert you if anyone attempts forced entry.

Noise Reduction:

Noise pollution can be a major issue in an urban environment. Fortunately, magnetic screen doors are designed to help reduce undesirable sounds from entering your home. They help diminish traffic noise and also keep pets quiet inside while preventing pests from getting in.

This noise reduction is especially useful if you have noisy neighbors, as it can limit the amount of disruption heard in your home. With added insulation from the use of magnetic screen doors, you won’t need to worry about dealing with unwanted distraction and sleep disruption at night or during family gatherings or other events where peace and quiet is needed.

Easy to Maintain:

Magnetic screen doors are relatively easy to maintain. The surfaces can be wiped down with a damp cloth when necessary and any dirt trapped in the mesh can be loosened with a vacuum hose attachment. The magnets are durable, lasting up to 10 years, and they’re waterproof so they won’t rust or corrode in wet weather.

Additionally, magnetic screens can usually be rolled up and stowed away during inclement weather so they don’t get damaged. As long as you keep the magnets clean, you can expect your screen door to remain effective for many years without needing repair or replacement.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Installing a magnetic screen door is an affordable way to upgrade your home’s security without breaking the bank. They are relatively inexpensive compared to a traditional door security system and can be installed in a single afternoon with no special tools or expertise needed.

Additionally, magnetic screen doors are designed with durable, reinforced fiber for added protection against potential intruders. The materials used in these doors are also powder-coated for superior rust prevention.

With these features, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of increased security and peace of mind without the hefty price tag associated with more elaborate door systems.


Magnetic screen doors are an excellent way to protect your home, as they are weatherproof and difficult to break. Some of these doors are made of nylon fabric that is coated with a waterproof coating that helps keep out the wind and rain. For those living in regions with harsher climates, denser materials may be needed to better protect against extreme weather conditions.

Magnetic screen doors can also come in metal or metal-alloy frames with woven mesh to further add strength and protection, as well as preventing any insects from entering your home.

Versatile Design:

Magnetic screen doors come in a range of design styles, sizes and colors so you can choose one to suit your home’s aesthetic. Whether you want a decorative screen with intricate designs or a more streamlined, modern design, there are options available to meet your needs.

You can also customize your door size if necessary – some magnetic doors have adjustable frames to fit any door size. Furthermore, many designs come with curtains that can be zipped up or down for additional privacy when needed.

Easy Installation:

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Installing a magnetic screen door is incredibly simple, and with the right tools and instructions, it only takes a few minutes.

It is important to ensure that the measurements of the frame match correctly with your door frame before beginning. Once you have determined that it fits correctly, a few basic tools are all you need to get started–most items can even be found in your home toolbox.

The screen door comes with everything pre-assembled, so there is no need to worry about double-checking pieces or worrying about extra assembly steps. All you have to do is follow the instructions and position your magnetic screen into place on your doorway according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

With magnetic screen doors, there’s no need for hours of tedious laborsome assembly or complicated techniques; a few simple steps are all it takes for easy installation and heightened security for your home entrances.

Increased Privacy:

Magnetic screen doors can be used to increase the privacy of your home. They can block out bugs, and also make it difficult for people outside of your home to see in.

With a magnetic screen door, you can increase the level of privacy while still preventing insects from entering. It also eliminates the need to keep your windows locked, making it easier for you to enjoy fresh air while still feeling secure.

Additionally, they are less visible than traditional window screens, meaning they are less likely to draw attention and alert potential burglars that someone is home.


Conclusion: Magnetic screen doors can be a great addition to any home, whether you’re looking for extra privacy or an easy way to let in fresh air during the summer. With a quality magnetic screen door, you can boost the security of your home without sacrificing style or convenience. By keeping bugs and intruders out while allowing fresh air in, magnetic screen doors provide an effective and efficient solution to your security needs.

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