5 Quick Hip Band Exercises To Transform Your Booty

Let’s face it – a round, firm booty is always in style! Do you want to know the secret to achieve that hourglass figure without ever stepping foot into the gym? Look no further than your own home and our quick hip band exercises! In just minutes a day, you can burn off calories while toning and sculpting your glutes.

No more trudging through traffic on the way to the gym; you need a good quality hip band that can transform your booty in no time. Each of our exercises will hit all your target areas and help you get results at record speed. So come along with us as we walk through our dedicated workout regime step by step!

5 Quick Hip Band Exercises

Try out the following five quick hip band exercises guaranteed to transform your booty. These moves can all be done while standing, so they won’t overwork the rest of your body while you focus on building up your glutes.

Hip Band Shuffle

The hip band shuffle is a great band training exercise that targets the glutes, specifically the gluteus medius muscle. Plus, you can use either one or two hip circle bands for this particular exercise – so no matter which is most convenient for you, you’ll be all set to tackle this one.

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● Wrap a hip circular band around your ankles. You can also add a band slightly above your knees if your glutes are strong and stable enough. You can alternatively wear the band above the knees rather than around the ankles if that is your preference.

● As you begin, space your feet about shoulder-width apart. Doing so will help you feel your glutes more clearly. You can move a little broader.

● Bring your knees to your chest and adopt a partial squat stance by gently pushing or hinging your hips backward. During the remainder of the exercise, keep this stance.

● Shuffle laterally while keeping your pelvis and torso completely level (it is pretty common to adjust by leaning to the side of the glute that should be exercising), your rib cage down (gently close the space in your core), and your knees in line with your toes.

● You can shuffle if you start the motion with your glutes and maintain the appropriate form. Just be sure to move equally in the other direction to ensure that your glutes work equally.

● Keep your toes down, especially your big and baby toes, and make sure your weight stays on your heel and midfoot. Your stability and ability to complete this exercise will be much improved.

● Try to keep your spine neutral.

● Maintain constant tension in the band(s).

● Continue until you burn out, but stop if you hit technical failure before.

Hip Band Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants, otherwise known as quadruped hip abductions, are an excellent way to tone and build your glutes. Not only will you get a great shapelier backside, but when these exercises are done regularly, they can improve back pain and reduce the risk of injury.

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This bodyweight exercise isn’t just good for strengthening your gluteus maximus – with some variations, you can also tone up and strengthen your abdominal muscles while at it.


● Wrap a hip circle band above your knees.

● Go down on your knees and begin. Put your hips over your knees and your shoulders above your hands. Look down while focusing on your core.

● At a 45-degree angle, lift your left leg 45 degrees away from your torso. Hold your knee straight.

● To finish one rep, lower your leg to the starting position.

● Do three 10-rep sets. Repeat with the other leg, and repeat.

Hip Band Squat + Pulse

Squats are beloved by many because they target a range of muscles and can help you to build strength, size, and power quickly. However, the challenge offered by regular squats may not be enough for those seeking more of a challenge.

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By introducing bands into your squatting routine, you’ll be able to enhance your session affordably and conveniently. This is because adding a band adds a tension that your muscles need to work harder every rep to move through the range of motion effectively.


● Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Put your hands on your hips or in front of you while pointing your toes slightly outward.

● Bend your knees and slowly push your hips back into a sitting posture.

● Lower yourself further till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Knees ought to be bent 90 degrees.

● Rise and pulse up and down for five counts before standing up.

● Focus on lowering your heels and engaging your glutes as you stand back up.

● Do 8–12 repetitions.

Hip Band Squat + Abduction

The squat band hip abduction is an excellent exercise for someone looking to get stronger, fitter, and even improve their balance. While it can help tone your glutes, hips, and outer thighs, it is also significant for strengthening the hip abductors.

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Strong hip abductors not only help prevent injury but also give you a significant edge in terms of athletic performance. With just a few sets of this dynamic exercise each week, you’ll be on the road to a better body and improved athletic ability in no time.


● Wrap a resistance band over your ankles, and squat with your feet shoulder-width apart.

● Lift your right leg out to the side as you stand up, shifting your weight to the left leg.

● Repeat with the left leg, then get back into the squat posture.

Hip Band Kickback

The band kickback is a great exercise to help you improve muscle strength, tone, and stability. It will help shape your glutes and sculpt the hips, legs, and thighs, and it will also significantly improve your balance.  Even if you are a beginner or regular gym-goer, this simple exercise is great for anyone who wants to work on their core strength.

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● Wrap a band around both ankles.

● Keep your feet hip-width apart and your right foot a few inches behind the left.

● Put your weight on your left leg, then use your right leg to kick back.

● After finishing the set, switch leg positions and return to the beginning position.


By now, you should be feeling the burn in your booty due to our five quick hip band exercises. From hip band shuffle to hip band kickback, these moves will help strengthen and shape your backside with minimal fuss required.

With a consistent weekly routine that includes these exercises and preferably other aerobic workouts, remember to stay patient and keep pushing – the results are sure to be worth it!

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