5 Tips for Playing Progressive Slots Online Australia

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There are many tips that you can find on the internet regarding progressive jackpots, and there are even sites that list different jackpot games and their current jackpots in real-time. However, the sad truth is that you can’t do much to influence your chances of winning at progressive slots online Australia, because the outcome of each game round is completely random. Even though luck clearly plays the biggest role when it comes to jackpots, there are still some tips you can use to maximize your chances of winning. Read on to learn more.

Play Jackpot Games With a Big Enough Pot

Although jackpots are purely based on luck, special sites that track jackpots can give you tips on when a given game’s jackpot has grown enough and when you can expect it to reach the moment when the jackpot is won on average. Although tracking sites only indicate when the next jackpot might be won, they can still provide nuggets of information to help you hunt for the jackpot.

The worst time to play progressive jackpot games is when someone has just won the pot, and it starts to grow from the minimum amount upwards. It just makes no sense to risk money when the jackpot is still small. It is worth waiting for the jackpot to reach at least a few million dollars – then many other players will usually start playing the game in question, and when the pot grows with each bet, the jackpot can quickly increase.

Keep in mind that this does not apply to fixed jackpots because, in these games, the pot is always the same.

Choose the Jackpot Game and Bet Size Wisely

All jackpot games are different in one way or another, so you should familiarize yourself with the game’s paytable before playing. The vast majority of jackpot games work in such a way that it doesn’t matter what size bet you play with because the jackpot is completely random.

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However, there are also progressive slots online in Australia in which the size of the bet matters. In this case, the jackpot can only be won if you play with the maximum bet, or the probability of winning increases the bigger the bet you make.

We each have our own gaming budget, so play responsibly and choose jackpot games according to your gaming budget. Even players with a small budget can go a long way and hit the jackpot as long as they choose the jackpot game wisely.

Remember That It All Comes Down to Luck, and Don’t Get Frustrated

There is no doubt that you need a ton of luck when it comes to jackpot games. And the truth is that most players never even come close to hitting one. Always remember this to avoid any further disappointment. First and foremost, casino games should always be about fun.

Decide Which Jackpot You Want to Go For

The biggest progressive jackpot games are usually a part of a network formed by several games and casinos, in which case the jackpots reach several million and even tens of millions of dollars.These jackpots are won on rare occasions, meaning that it can take months before someone finally hits the jackpot.

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Independent jackpot slots online in Australia, on the other hand, offer smaller jackpots, but they are usually won more often. If a jackpot of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars is big enough for you, then you focus on the independent jackpot games.

Pick the Best Jackpot Games

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is certainly the most popular progressive jackpot game, thanks to which players keep recording tremendous wins time and time again. NetEnt’s jackpot games, including Divine Fortune, Mega Fortune, and Mega Fortune, are also surprisingly good. The popularity of these games constantly attracts players to try their luck. At the same time, these jackpot slots online in Australia are also quite entertaining and can also reward you with smaller wins.

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