Roulette in Online Casino Australia


Roulette is considered to be the most popular table game among gamblers. There are different variations available at the casino online – it is useful for a gambler at an online casino in Australia to know what types of roulette there are.

Basic Rules

The basic rules of roulette remain the same. The European variation is usually taken as the basis. However, all the dealer’s actions are performed by the software. It calculates bets, starts the wheel, and begins the rotation of the ball. The player has a classical field on the screen on which the bets are placed. All numbers are written in black and red fields. Once money has been placed, the software automatically starts the draw. As soon as the ball stops in a box, the result is announced. Players can bet on the color, even and odd, single numbers, numbers within a certain range, and so on.

European Version

This variation is the most common in online casinos in Australia. There are 37 cells on the game wheel – numbers 1-36, additional single sector, «0». This version of the game is best suited for beginners, as it has classic rules and the highest payout percentage.

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This means that the gambling club has a much smaller payout, and players can win much more often. European variation does not have any additional rules. It’s a true classic, which helps newcomers learn the rules and basic nuances of roulette.

The American Version

The American version is pretty much the same as the European version. The difference is the additional double zero cell. It increases the casino’s edge, so it’s harder to win compared to its European counterpart. The American version evolved separately from its European counterpart and is still very popular in both North and South America. You can find American Roulette in an online casino in Australia. However, beginners should not play it, as it offers no advantages over the European game.

The effect of the extra zero is considered to be positive only for the gambling organizer. A simple calculation shows that the gambling club has an RTP of 2.7% for betting on a single number with a wheel that has one zero cells. However, 2 zeros on the roulette wheel increase that figure to 5.26%. This is a significant difference that also applies to other types of bets. This is the main reason why the version, in general, is not so popular.

The French Variation

Many gamblers consider French variation to be the queen of all casino games, not just roulette. Not surprisingly, since this original game is indeed one of the oldest table games. The French version has a different table layout but uses a European wheel. Each player has to put their chips on the table, depending on how they want to bet. Players can choose between red and black, even and odd, and the number ranges from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. The croupier is the person in charge, as he announces that the bets are closed and controls the wheel.

Qwe (1)

Once the playing ball stops in a box, the dealer announces the winning number. Many players prefer this game because of the additional rule, which gives players a 2nd chance to win money on outside bets if the ball hits a zero. There is also the La Partage rule, which gives players a chance to win back some of the money they’ve lost when a zero is struck.

There are other variations available at online casinos in Australia. For example, there is Multi-Wheel, where you can bet on 8 wheels at once. There is also Mini-Wheel, which provides only 12 number cells and zeros. There’s also Zero Lounge, which doesn’t provide gambling club benefits. Also worth mentioning is the 2-ball variation. Having 2 balls at once greatly increases the likelihood of winning a prize.

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