5 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Self-Care Routine

When it comes to self-care, there may be a few things that immediately come to mind: scented candles, warm baths, and nature trips focused on helping you disconnect from a constantly wired world. While these forms of self-care are often enough to rejuvenate your mind and body, it’s possible to elevate the experience by adding cannabis into the mix. Weed has continually been proving its capacity to provide pain relief and relax the mind from feelings of stress or worry. It’s no wonder that people browse sites such as my green solution in order to pick up their favourite blend of the herb to enjoy when taking a break from the bustle of daily life.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that the most suitable cannabis products and strains usually depend on your activity of choice. Some weed strains are energizing, while others are more calm-inducing. Although both CBD and THC are generally suitable for wellness routines regardless of what you plan to do, effects may vary depending on the product’s THC and CBD levels.

CBD is usually more favorable if you want to relax while maintaining a clear head, while THC is a good fit if you want to feel a more sedating type of “high.” With this, it might help to consult a trusted dispensary the next time you need to schedule a CBD or THC delivery in order to determine which products would bring your desired effects. From bath items to herbal teas, there’s a wide variety of cannabis products that you can use to upgrade your self-care routine. Here’s a quick rundown of what these products are, along with a few tips on how to best incorporate them into your wellness regimen.

Soak in a Cannabis-Infused Bath

Everybody loves a warm bath at the end of the day. But for those who prefer something more sensational, a cannabis-infused bath is the way to go. Cannabis brings anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits to your body, which is great for making your bath extra rejuvenating. If you want to soak in more relaxing waters, you can check out bath bombs infused with weed. Cannabis bath bombs typically vary in THC/CBD ratios, and as with any fizzy bath bombs, they bring fragrant aromas that make your bath more enticing.

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As you soak in your “cannabified” bath, the THC/CBD content of the bath bomb enters your dermis and soothes your skin, alleviating conditions such as swelling and itching. Cannabis bath bombs generally don’t have psychoactive effects, but they do provide much-needed relief and muscle relaxation. You may want to try weed bath bombs if you’re experiencing conditions such as psoriasis, arthritis, and eczema. To amplify the experience, you can also light up some CBD scented candles for some aromatherapy or apply a CBD-infused eye or face mask.

Soothe Your Body with Cannabis Oil or Lotion

Keeping your skin soft and smooth is also a form of self-care. If you want to experience the relieving effects of weed and keep your skin moisturized, try applying cannabis lotion on your body. With its cannabinoid content, hemp lotion will not only keep your silky smooth, but it may also reduce inflammation as well as muscle aches and joint pain. You can also get your loved ones to participate in your self-care hours.

If you have a partner or close friend who is willing to assist you in your wellness routines, you can enlist their help in applying cannabis-infused body oil for a relaxing massage. Massages help in alleviating stiffness and pain by applying slight pressure and improving circulation throughout the affected areas. Paired with the soothing effects of cannabis oil, a massage can relieve inflammation and potentially help heal muscles and tissues that have sustained deep injuries or trauma.  So the next time you and a loved one are staying in for a day of relief, consider having a full-body massage with a dash of cannabis.

Spend Your Work Break with a Wrist Massage

Working at a desk all day often leads to sore wrists and swelling, which could cause ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. To protect your wrists and get some mild relief despite a busy workday, consider keeping a cannabis topical within reach at your desk. Every now and then, take a break and apply CBD topical cream on your hands and wrists. A gentle massage can do wonders for sore joints and tense muscles caused by a day’s worth of desk work. Most creams have varying concentrations of THC and CBD, so if you’re not sure what to get, have a chat with your cannabis retailer to determine which creams work best with your specific aches and pains.

Add Cannabis to Your Healthy Drinks

Cannabis can also be ingested in the form of tinctures and oils. If curling up at a cozy spot with a steaming mug of tea is your form of self-care, you can check out your options for cannabis tea or cannabis-infused tea. Aside from preparing ready-made weed tea, you can also squeeze a few drops of CBD oil into your cup for a calming sensation with every sip. Since CBD oil is tasteless, you won’t have to worry about the flavors being altered.

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If smoothies are more your cup of tea, there are also cannabis products that suit your fancy. Cannabis can be used as a nutritional supplement in drinks, usually in the form of CBD oil, hemp milk, and hemp seeds. So if you want to give your morning shakes a refreshing zest, try applying a dash of hemp.

Use Weed Before Meditating

Exercises such as meditative yoga are known for quieting your headspace and inducing inner tranquility. In the same way, cannabis can give you those warm, happy feelings that often result in a more zen state of mind. Combined with weed, a well-planned yoga routine can give you a sublime, transcendent experience that can take your mind off the stress of everyday life. How you take your weed is up to you: whether it’s through consuming edibles, smoking, vaping, or otherwise.

Taking Care of Yourself with Weed

If you think about it, using weed is all about self-care. There’s nothing more self-loving than having your system achieve a more comfortable state with the help of cannabinoids. Just as self-care can look different for each of us, there are also various ways of incorporating weed into your self-care routine in line with your preference and needs. However, you choose to spend your “me time,” what matters is you get to feel like your best self at the end of the day.

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