A Clementine Winter Cocktail –

This cocktail is a mixture of my favourite spirits: Cointreau Orange Curacao and fresh squeezed lemon juice. To make the cocktails extra tasty I added a dash of Absolut Citron.

Drinks are the best way to enjoy the fleeting flavors of citrus season. The holidays can be a hard season to blend in with your friends and family, but cocktails make the best guests. The citrus season is short and beautiful and it should be celebrated all year round.

Although the weather is turning somewhat colder, the warmer weather is still lingering on. Perhaps you are looking for a cool drink to beat back the chill. Perhaps you are looking for something refreshing for the afternoon, something to take away the bite of the cold. Perhaps you are looking for something to perfect for your next cocktail party, perhaps something to take over the Fourth of July. Perhaps you are looking for a relaxing beverage to help you wind down at the end of the day.

“A Clementine Winter Cocktail -“. Read more about what is a clementine and let us know what you think.

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