How Generative AI is Changing the Way We Do Business


While generative AI’s still in its early stages, it’s clear that it’s an industry disruptor. Every day, we discover new applications for this useful technology. It’ll be quite interesting to see what our work schedule looks like when we fully integrate it.

We’re not quite at that point yet, but it’s clear that products like ChatGPT are changing business. In this post, the team looks at ways in which you can use generative AI to boost your business.

Bolster Customer Support

Chatbots and virtual assistants are old hat at this stage. What’s changed, however, is that they’re becoming far more capable. Thanks to advancements in natural language programming, they can understand the context of queries. This enables them to be more useful than in the past.

While they’re not quite up to the human level yet, they are useful tools. Customers who need instant answers or who like self-help options are finding them agreeable.

The price of training a bot has come down quite significantly. It’s also possible to piggyback on the technology of companies like Open AI, making the process simpler. Therefore, it’s now affordable for most firms to use this technology.

The advantage is that you have a representative available 24/7. Customers can interact via instant messaging, chats, and even voice in some cases.

You can also use AI to improve your customer support. Bots can direct queries and highlight urgent issues.

Better Engagement

How do you deal with queries on social media? Do you wait until someone has time to respond to comments? This can be damaging to your brand. Consumers expect brands to be highly responsive. It’s very easy for the moment to slip by.

You can ask bots to acknowledge comments online, showing customers you care. The response is instantaneous, making you seem highly responsive.

You could also get the bots to engage with clients online. They might, for example, make personalized product recommendations or suggest literature to review.

Lead Nurturing

It’s not that difficult to generate leads online. However, finding qualified leads that will actually convert is challenging. In addition, you need to be able to nurture the leads without overwhelming the client.


Chatbots can be useful here. They can ask qualifying questions of visitors to your site. They could then either point out resources the consumer needs or ask simple questions. Based on the answers, they can recommend highly relevant products.

Before we had generative AI, this was wishful thinking on the part of marketers. Ensuring this level of interaction with thousands of website visitors a day is prohibitively expensive if you have to do it manually.

AI can go one step further and monitor your client’s behavior. Even if it doesn’t specifically interact with them, it’s great at identifying patterns. This enables it to give you insight into your best-performing pages and what makes them special.

Thanks to the system’s data-processing capabilities, you can keep files for each unique visitor. Naturally, you’ll need to let them know what you’re doing. But AI can comb through those files and see where people make more than one visit.

This is useful in helping your sales team identify the leads most likely to convert.

Market Research

The communicative aspects of this technology make it possible to interact with your clients. The bot can conduct market research by asking questions or analyzing behavior. You can, therefore, have real-time insights into your leads:

●           Preferences

●           Pain points

●           Emerging trends

If you think a few steps ahead, you’ll look like a trendsetter. You’ll have access to emerging trends before anyone else realizes they’re trending.

Content Creation

Does the idea of creating a new blog post make you feel overwhelmed? You can ask generative art to create content for you. However, we don’t recommend using the content as is. Generative AI is prone to make mistakes and unsubstantiated assumptions. Therefore, you should always check the work it generates.

However, it’s still useful in creating:

●           Social media posts

●           Content outlines

●           Newsletters

●           Editorial calendars

●           Product descriptions

●           Topic suggestions

●           Draft content for you to edit

It can also be quite useful in creating customer resources like frequently asked questions or tutorials.

Training and Onboarding

Generative AI can streamline your company’s recruiting and hiring processes. It can sort through resumes and find the best candidates.


You can create a virtual assistant to help with the onboarding processes.

You can even go so far as to train your new employees by using AI. The system can create personalized programs and evaluate how well the new candidate is doing. It can highlight sections to work on and give them more practice in those areas.

It can also come up with real-world scenarios that the employee may encounter. It can then act as a customer would, giving them some valuable practice.


Generative AI can be a useful and cost-effective tool for your business. It has applications that can stretch into almost every section. The areas we touched on include customer support, marketing, and human resources. However, with a little thought, we’re sure you can come up with more.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this tech takes us in ten or twenty years.

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