Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, and what better way to give than with homemade cookies. This list of the best Christmas cookie recipes will help you make your holiday baking extra special.

The best christmas cookie recipes 2020 is a collection of the best Christmas cookie recipes from around the web.


The best assortment of simple Christmas cookies I’ve ever seen—they’re even Santa-approved! Our Christmas cookies are ideal for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and treat platters for neighbors!


It’s the happiest time of the year! Nothing beats spending time with family, putting up Christmas decorations, and baking cookies to take to all of the holiday events and leaving out for Santa himself! Our Christmas cookie collection provides you with a plethora of fun and delectable Christmas cookie recipes that are guaranteed to please!



Cookie Cups with Hot Chocolate are a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Fudge-filled sugar cookie cups with tiny marshmallows and sprinkles. The candy cane handle is adorable! They’re simple to prepare and taste just as good as they look. Party favors and neighbor presents are a hit! My favorite Christmas treat is Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups! They’re adorable, festive, and tasty all at the same time. Enjoy!


Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups are a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Fudge-filled sugar cookie cups with tiny marshmallows and sprinkles. The candy cane handle is adorable! Sugar sweets that are ideal for the holidays are Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups.

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The most popular christmas cookies are a list of the most popular Christmas cookie recipes.

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Whats the most popular Christmas cookie?


What is Americas favorite Christmas cookie?


How many days before Christmas should you make cookies?

It depends on how many cookies you want to make. If you are making a lot of cookies, then I would recommend starting the day before Christmas.

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