Can You Clean A Vape Coil With Vinegar?

Simply put, yes, you can clean your gunked-up coils with vinegar. You can also use vodka for this purpose! An unsullied and clean vape coil provides you with optimum flavour taste.

Why Is Coil Cleaning Important?

The ingredients of the vape juice hardly put stains on the coil. However, it is sometimes the residue that accumulates on the coil. When you clean the residue from the coil, your coil will perform flawlessly.

What Made Coil So Gunked-Up?

High VG (Vegetable glycerin) and darker vape juice flavours gunk up the coils. A gunk-up coil will offer lower-quality flavour and give less vapour production. In worst cases, you can experience dry and burn hits if the coil is worn out.

Coil burning is common but burning the vape coil advertently is not a good thing. It has been seen that when a coil burns out or gets gunked up, individuals replace it with a new coil. No doubt, coils are inexpensive, but you still need to provide them with the necessary care.

If you maintain your coil regularly, it will last at least four weeks. You can save a lot of money if you keep your coil in good condition. The money you spend in purchasing new coils could be spent elsewhere!


How To Clean The Tank And Coil Of A Vape Device?

If you use a disposable vape device, you do not have to worry about its coils cleaning. In disposable vapes, everything comes pre-fit and pre-set. Therefore, the coil in a disposable vape can be cleaned sparingly. You can use this vape device the way you want because it’s non-intricating and convenient to handle.

However, if you opt for an advanced vape kit, you must be very conscious about your vape coils. When you clean the coils of your vape mod, you must also clean the tank. You can clean your coils and tanks before changing your e-juice inside the tank. Tank and coil cleaning can be easily done with a little effort. Here is how you can clean the coils of your vape device.

  • Remove the tank from your mod kit and take out the coil.
  • Now rinse every part of the tank one by one with warm water.
  • Dry each component with a paper towel.
  • Let the components dry in natural air.

Following the abovementioned points, you can quickly clean your vape tank. To clean the replaceable coils, follow the given instructions:

  • Let your coil soak in vinegar or vodka for a few hours.
  • Rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • Rinse the coil again with distilled water.
  • Blow some air on the open side of the vape coil to force water to the reach-wicking holes.
  • Set it aside until all water gets evaporated.

Note: The procedure would be different if you use rebuildable coils.


You can clean the coils of your vape device with vinegar, ethanol, and vodka. There are many other ways to clean the gunk-up coils. Once you clean the coils of your vape device, you will experience an excellent flavour taste.

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