Can You Put a Beverage Cooler in a Cabinet?

Do you want to store your favorite beverages at a cool temperature without sacrificing any cupboard space? You’re in luck!

This article outlines how you can conveniently fit a beverage cooler into your cabinet – quickly and cheaply. No matter how limited your storage space is, you can now keep refreshments handy and cold with the best beverage cooler from . Read on to find out more!

Size is Important

In order to determine whether a beverage cooler can fit into a cabinet, you must consider the size of both the cooler and the cabinet. For beverage coolers with a built-in compressor, you must make sure that your cabinet is at least twice as wide as your cooler in order to provide enough space for coolant circulation.

You will also want to ensure that there is enough internal height in the cabinet for the beverage cooler to fit comfortably, with adequate ventilation on both sides and above. It is important to remember that beverage coolers require a minimum of 2-3 inches of clearance between the cabinet walls and all sides of the cooler to allow unrestricted airflow.

Additionally, it’s critical that there be no shelves or cabinets installed within 3 feet of the floor where hot air from the compressor typically rises. With these considerations in mind, you can determine if sizing will be an issue when trying to install your beverage cooler into an existing cabinet.

Ensure There is a Power Supply

When installing a beverage cooler in a cabinet, it is important to consider the power supply for the device. It is recommended to confirm that there is an outlet nearby or that an electrician can expertly and safely install wiring for the cooler in its new location. If you are unsure if there is enough wattage supplied from an existing outlet, be sure to consult a professional.

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It may also be necessary to determine whether additional support is needed if the weight of your beverage cooler reduces the stability of your cabinet. When you and your electrician have determined where to locate your cooler, you will need to choose a suitable mounting or placement location so that whatever method you choose will not damage or alter any parts of your cabinet. Additionally, make sure that when using adhesives and specified screws, they are rated appropriately for use with wood material, and confirm the screws’ compatibility with all components of the cooler before attaching them.

If you require extra support, consider getting specialized shelving brackets which can increase the safety and stability of both the shelf and appliance being fitted inside a cabinet space.

Setting Up the Cabinet

When setting up a beverage cooler in a cabinet, it is important to consider the cabinet’s design and construction. The cabinet should be built from sturdy materials such as wood or metal. The interior of the cabinet should also be well-insulated to keep the temperature inside stable. Additionally, the beverage cooler should have adequate ventilation so that air can circulate and prevent condensation buildup. If the cooler is going to be enclosed in a cabinet, it may be advisable to use an insulated duct system to provide airflow and prevent overheating of components.

Once the setup of the cabinet is complete, you will need to properly install your cooler. Ensure that it is properly leveled and secure so that it doesn’t rock or jostle when opened, closed, or moved around. Start by plugging in your cooler and adjusting the temperature settings according to your preferences. Finally, fill up your new beverage cooler with drinks and enjoy!

Insert the Beverage Cooler

Inserting a beverage cooler into an existing cabinet requires careful consideration of the type and size of the appliance before installation. If you are considering installing a beverage cooler in your kitchen cabinet, it is important to take into account how much space you have available and check the dimensions of the appliance to make sure it will fit. Another important factor to consider is interior insulation. To ensure effective cooling in a cramped space, select an appliance with plenty of internal insulation.

Sufficient ventilation for your beverage cooler should also be taken into account before installation. Check that there is enough room to allow for adequate airflow around the appliance so that it can efficiently cool drinks stored inside. It may also be necessary to apply additional ventilation from outside sources in order for your beverage cooler to run efficiently and safely.

Finally, it is beneficial installing the beverage cooler on adjustable legs or mounting rails so you can raise or lower it according to your preference while making sure that heat produced by its motor is kept away from surrounding objects and surfaces within your cabinet setup.

Use and Enjoy

Yes, you can put a beverage cooler in a cabinet. Beverage coolers are well-suited for installation in standard cabinets. Many people find it to be the ideal placement for their cooler as it takes up minimal space and allows for easy access when entertaining guests or enjoying an ice-cold beverage.

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As with any appliance installation, be sure to leave enough clearance within the cabinet to easily open and close the doors without interference from nearby cabinetry. When installing in a cabinet, do not forget to measure the height of both the interior of your cooler and cabinetry carefully so they will fit correctly when installed.

You should also consider ventilation when designing your cooler setup since some models require both intake and outlet vents that allow air circulation between the unit and other components. With proper planning, a beverage cooler can offer an accessible, convenient storage solution for those looking to add extra refrigerator space without sacrificing too much style or storage area.


After considering the key factors that determine whether or not you can safely install a beverage cooler in a cabinet, the answer to this question is yes, you can put a beverage cooler in a cabinet.

However, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account to ensure safe installation. Additionally, if you plan to place any potentially hazardous items, such as alcohol, inside the cabinet, it is recommended that you use non-combustible shelving and keep flammable materials away from the cooler.

Finally, it is important to check with your local building inspector before beginning the installation process to ensure your particular setup meets all applicable safety requirements and regulations.

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