Chicken liver fry with hot peri peri sauce

A well-known friend of mine who has a blog, told this story to me and I just had to write it down. I had no intention of writing a blog post about it, but when I thought about it, it made me laugh and I decided to write it down. We went to the shop, and I got a chicken liver and some hot peri peri sauce in my basket. We got to the table, she started to eat her food and it was delicious. She ate until she couldn’t eat another bite and then I ate until I couldn’t eat another bite. We were worried that we had eaten too much.

Chicken livers are quite an acquired taste. Some people love them whereas some people hate them. But, if you want to try this delicious dish, then you should definitely try this recipe. It is really easy to make and can be made in no time at all. It is a dish you can eat for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It is usually prepared in Egypt and Morocco (hence the name Chicken Liver Fry). It is also a popular street food in Cairo.

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to prepare chicken liver, but the method below has been the most consistent and is one of my go-to dishes. It’s naturally very low in fat, and is full of protein and nutrients. This is my favourite way to prepare chicken liver, because it’s versatile and easy to make. You’ll only need one chicken liver and some peri peri sauce (aka chilli sauce), for this recipe.

This is a fairly simple meal to prepare. This meal will appeal to those who like chicken liver. I used Nando’s peri peri sauce (hot), but you may use any medium sauce. It’s a ready-made sauce, and we also receive marinade in peri peri, so you can fry and consume the meat.

This sauce is one of my favorites since it is both sour and spicy. I usually like going to Nando’s and ordering grilled chicken with peri peri sauce and hummous with peri peri spicy oil, which they serve with houmous; it’s extremely good and wonderful, and just writing about it makes my mouth wet.

You may use this sauce over whatever kind of meat you choose. I’m using a sauce that can be eaten as a dipping sauce rather than the peri peri marinade that we can get in stores like Asda and other local stores. You may offer this as a beginning to your family or enjoy it in the evenings at any time. If you like spicy foods and want to try something new, this is the dish for you.


  • 7 livers de poulet de poulet de poulet de poulet de poulet de poulet de pou
  • 1 tbsp. oil
  • 3/4 teaspoon crushed chilli
  • 1 tbsp ginger and garlic paste
  • 4 tbsp or more peri peri sauce (spicy)
  • season with salt to taste


    • First, thoroughly wash and drain the chicken liver. To marinate, put ginger and garlic paste in a bowl. Keep it there for 30 minutes.


    • Now, in a pan or on a tava, heat the oil, then add the chicken liver and fry it, being careful not to let the oil split on you due to the water in it.


    • Stir fry until the color changes, then cook for 5 to 8 minutes, as shown in the photo. It will not take longer to cook; in fact, it will cook more quickly.


    • When it’s done, mix in 2 tbsp peri peri sauce and crushed chilli powder (or simply chilli powder). If it is sticking, drizzle some oil while cooking. Reduce the heat to low and gently toss the chicken to coat it with the spicy sauce. It should be roasted thoroughly in the sauce for 2 to 3 minutes, then add the remaining sauce and combine well before removing from the pan. So that the sauce coats the liver completely. With the sauce, do not cook any longer. If the liver is overcooked, it will become hard; the cooking time will be 8 to 10 minutes.



  • If you want extra sauce, pour it on at the end and serve it hot right away.
  • If the sauce is too spicy for you, leave out the chilli powder.
  • Taste a tiny piece of liver to see whether it’s cooked, then add the sauce.
  • You may try it with only 2 or 3 chicken livers and less spices when putting them in.
  • You may use the peri peri marinade and cook it as directed above.
  • If you want to prevent oil splitting when frying liver, do not add oil at the beginning of the cooking process; instead, place the liver straight on the tava or kadai and heat until the water is absorbed; then add oil; the oil will not split on you while cooking.


If you have a chicken, you can make this dish! It’s a delicious chicken liver fry with hot peri peri sauce.. Read more about best chicken liver recipe and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nandos doing chicken livers?

I am not familiar with the term chicken livers.

Why do you soak liver in milk before cooking?

The milk helps the liver to cook evenly and stay moist.

Can you heat PERi PERi sauce?

I am not a stove.

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